Goodbye 2017

My last post was nearly a month ago. Let's face it it wasn't the cheeriest thing and I've been in a down place because of everything going on in that. It hasn't got easier and I'm sure it won't. To try and keep our heads above float D is going to try and do four … Continue reading Goodbye 2017


Chicken Pox

So a couple of weeks back you may remember me saying that O's childminder's daughter had chicken pox. Ever since then everytime I've seen a hint of a red spot I've been paranoid it might be chicken pox.  Well I dropped him off on Monday and informed his childminder that I saw two spots on … Continue reading Chicken Pox

End of an Era

So yesterday marked the start of the end of breastfeeding. It was the last time O had a bottle of expressed breastmilk.  The plan is for him to have whole milk during the day at the childminder's, then as of next week only whole milk during the day. That means even when I'm around and … Continue reading End of an Era