Hump Day

It's Wednesday and for the first time I'm really feeling this hump day thing.  Sadly no it's not a kinky thing.  It's the hump in the week you have to go over and then you're near the weekend.  Nothing has really gone wrong today. It's just been exhausting. I'm not feeling well and despite two … Continue reading Hump Day



There are many different levels of tired. I'm not going to say you can't be tired if you aren't a mum. I am going to say it's a different form of tired.  I've done three night shifts in a row with no more than two hours sleep between each BEFORE I was a mum.  I've … Continue reading Tired


Last night was the best nights sleep I've had in what feels like an eternity (though in reality is probably a few weeks). Little Man went down at 1900pm and slept through until 0400am! He then went back to sleep half an hour later until I had to wake him at 0700am! Glorious! I was … Continue reading Hurray!