Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight is hard. Especially when you work in an environment that feeds you lots of yummy treats. There is always someone who brings in sweets or chocolates or a patient that gifts us with a lovely pack of biscuits. Good for morale but bad for the waist line. I am not exactly … Continue reading Weight Loss


Baby Road Trip Tips

Last summer we road tripped it from our home town, about an hour away from London, to the middle of France. It took about 16 hours in total, most of which was driving. It was hard! O was just about to turn one, in fact he turned one half way through our holiday so he … Continue reading Baby Road Trip Tips

Guest Post – Fun Cleaning Chore Ideas For a Toddler

Fun cleaning chore ideas for a toddler Getting your toddler to do chores, around the house, alongside you could be a rewarding experience for both parents and children. It is important that kids learn responsibility and compassion from a young age. There are plenty of household duties one can share with their toddler child, but … Continue reading Guest Post – Fun Cleaning Chore Ideas For a Toddler

Chicken Pox

So a couple of weeks back you may remember me saying that O's childminder's daughter had chicken pox. Ever since then everytime I've seen a hint of a red spot I've been paranoid it might be chicken pox.  Well I dropped him off on Monday and informed his childminder that I saw two spots on … Continue reading Chicken Pox