Barium Swallow for Toddler

My 21 month old suffers from reflux. occasionally it has led to days-long vomiting sessions, that ended when his medication was upped or changed. Because of this and his father's family's history of reflux, he had a barium swallow. This test allows doctors to see the inside of your oesophagus. You drink a white drink … Continue reading Barium Swallow for Toddler


Raising A Bilingual Child

It is normal in this day and age for children to be brought up in homes with two languages or more, with an estimated 70% of the worlds population being bilingual. Speaking two languages is an amazing skill to teach your child as it can put them at a great advantage later on as many … Continue reading Raising A Bilingual Child

Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight is hard. Especially when you work in an environment that feeds you lots of yummy treats. There is always someone who brings in sweets or chocolates or a patient that gifts us with a lovely pack of biscuits. Good for morale but bad for the waist line. I am not exactly … Continue reading Weight Loss

Soft Play

Do you ever remember going to a soft play? We used to have one in our town called activity world. It was pretty big and it suited all ages groups. You could take your toddler there but you could also take your teenager and know that they would have fun. I was really sad when … Continue reading Soft Play