Feeling Run Down

So as you know I had mastitis last week. 


I was off Monday-Friday and decided I was well enough to go in on Saturday. 

I say well enough, I was at that point where I felt if I was fully dosed up on everything I could have that I would feel okay enough that I would feel guilty if I stayed home. 

So I went in Saturday. By the afternoon my throat was getting a bit sore and I was asleep by 9pm.

I woke at midnight shivering like mad, felt like I was in the snow I was so cold. My temperature had hit 40.c.

By morning I was in a bad way, I slept until midday waking occasionally to moan and shiver and take more tablets. 

I managed to get out of bed around 2pm and all I was able to eat was some ice lollies and a bit of pasta. Everything else was so painful I not dare try! 

It’s Monday now and I’m feeling a bit better, according to the doctors it’s a viral throat infection with ulcers where my tonsils would be if I still had them. I still can’t really eat anything and drinking is still a conscious effort, but I’m getting there. 

Not sure whether I will be in for my shift in two days. I don’t want to risk getting worse again but I also hate being off unless I have a temperature or am vomiting (or the other end). 

That’s the difficult thing about being a working mum. Work doesn’t stop if you’ve been up at stupid o’clock with your child like I have lately. Little Man has woken during the night at least once and then has woken at 5:30 to be up for the day! The only day that was any different was Saturday, he woke at 4:15, got him back to sleep by 5:00 and he slept until 6:30! Of course I had to be up at 6:00 anyway for work! 

Sometimes we just need a bit of help and it’s okay to ask. Especially if you have an awkward sleeper who doesn’t nap long enough during the day anymore either. It’s okay to take a day off if you are feeling ill and not to rush back. 

I’m lucky and as I work for the NHS I get paid sickness as long as I don’t surpass a certain amount of sick days. 

This will count as two seperately sicknesses which means one more and I’m on sickness watch. But hey ho health comes first eh. 


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