Crawling Baby

So Little Man has actually been crawling for a while now, probably about 6 weeks now, so when he was 9 and a half months of so?

Anyway. So the I think he is mentally trying to learn to stand alone and walk. He can push himself up to a stand and I think he feels like he has to hold on to something or someone. He has stood alone but usually when he isn’t thinking about it, then when he realises he isn’t holding onto anything he ends up doing a controlled fall onto his butt.

So the past few days he hasn’t really napped much during the day. I came off a night on Sunday morning. I barely slept Friday night, I got about three hours, had a 45 minute nap on Saturday before my shift, and I had a bit of a nap Sunday morning. I tried to nap Sunday afternoon again but Big Man’s brother called and it woke me up and then Little Man woke up. Big Man went into him but I just couldn’t get back to sleep. I really struggle with sleep!

So the past couple of days I have been beyond tired. But Little Man has decided he just wants to move! Not only has he been more into crawling than ever before, he is also finding it funny to use drawers and other things to help him stand and he likes pulling the WiFi box off our sky box! So I have been running around after him going NOOOOOOOO. Which obviously he finds hilarious. Oddly enough he has sort of gone off standing and walking much, he used to love trying to and loved being helped onto his feet but when I try to encourage it he isn’t having it. Maybe it is because he is bored of trying to develop the new skill.

Anyway. I’ve been exhausted and grumpy because I get him down for a nap and I climb into bed then BAMN he wakes up. So I get really grumpy and then he goes and tries to stand up and stands up by himself and starts clapping and then suddenly the grumpiness goes away. I feel like chasing after him is going to be great for weight loss though! Like omg!!! I was breathless! Fun work out though. Also trying to keep Little Man away from Buddy’s ball and Buddy away from Little Man’s ball is hard work. Why do they both want each other’s toys? Boys eh!

So I am going to go enjoy my evening and try and get some sleep, but you can enjoy a couple of cute videos I got!

Sorry if they are the wrong way round again! I just can’t seem to work out how to spin them! Any tips?


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