Weekend Fun

This week I had my first FULL weekend off in ages. It is also my last full weekend off until we go to France.

It was a lovely weekend. Saturday we went to the local shops and did a bit of a food shop. There was a Red Bull event and Big Man did a tyre change in 6.86 seconds! He was pretty damn chuffed.

I ended up skipping home alongside the boys as Little Man found it hilarious and you just can’t get enough of a baby laughing, it is so cute!

On Sunday we went for a picnic to celebrate a few birthdays that have happened recently. We took Buddy and he was having the time of his laugh barking hello to all these new doggies. I was eating some cake and then Little Man decided to grab it out of my hand and eat it. Cheeky sod. Little Man also got to try out his Big Boy car seat! He loved it! Though his head still seems to fall forwards as he sleeps. Something I was hoping wouldn’t happen again. Any one have any suggestions how to stop this? Or a good head/neck support for little ones?

Big Man had some cousins down from Ireland so we then went to his parents house to see them and there was a bit of a buffet going on. I had made pizzas although they weren’t my best because I didn’t have any bread flour so just used regular flour and it was a bit of a fail. All the pizzas still got eaten but the base wasn’t the nicest.

Big Man’s sister in law has returned with her little chunky cutie from Japan! Every time someone goes out there Big Man asks for these pjs they have called Jimbays (Not sure on spelling but pronounced -gym-baes) and this time Little Man got some! They are so cute on him!!! His cousin has a set too. Need them to have a little sleepover and be all matchy-matchy!

A pretty chill weekend all round really but sometimes it is just what you need! Last night shift for a few weeks this weekend and I’m dreading it. After my last one I was feeling good for a while and we went to the car boot sale afterwards. I’m feeling really drained this week so I feel I am going to need to grab an energy drink… I do have a good friend on shift though and we have decided that we deserve to feed like kings that night!

Sorry the videos are the wrong way round, they weren’t like that on my phone so who knows why they decided to turn now!



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