One Of Those Days

I can’t be the only one who has one of those days. I can’t even blaming it being a Monday because it is a Tuesday. I’ve got a hard week. Working today, tomorrow, Friday and then Saturday night. It is my fourth Saturday night since I have been back but also my last one until September so I can’t complain too much I suppose. I also have an interview on Thursday so Monday was actually my only day to fully relax.

Back to today. I woke up at about 4am with a dodgy belly but it soon subsided and I managed to get back to sleep about 5am. My alarm however goes off at 6am! Despite the lack of sleep and the early start I woke up okay and wasn’t too depressed to be getting ready for work. Little man then woke up screaming at 6:30. Big Man also woke up to help (despite trying to put off actually getting up for like ten minutes). He ended up catching a bad case of the grumps from Little Man. Turns out it is quite contagious because then I got the grumps. When you are working on a hot sweaty ward for 8 hours, the last thing you need is the grumps. I also had to have my picture taken for our board of ‘who is on shift today’. Fake smile time.

I picked up Little Man from his nanny’s and it turns out not only had he not really slept while Big Man was watching him, he also refused to sleep while she had him and he had only eaten half a sausage roll. He also didn’t take much milk from either of them and he wasn’t overly keen on water or juice.

When I got him home (after about walking for a total of an hour on a hot afternoon in a sweaty uniform! Urgh!) he had a breastfeed and then played for a little.

He didn’t really want much food so I caved and just gave him things I knew he would eat. He ended up having strawberries, Dairylea triangles and skips as well as a yogurt. Safe to say he enjoyed every bite of that meal.

He had his bath and night time bottle. All was great. He went to sleep. But then, the screaming began. For the past few days he wakes screaming about half an hour after he has gone to sleep! Sometimes he does this a few times before he eventually decides to fall asleep properly. I’m going to put it down sleep regression based on learning new skills. I’m hoping he will start walking soon! It would be awesome if he is by the time we go to France! NEXT MONTHHHHHHH!

Please tell me it gets easier?

Waiting for Big Man to get home and then it is dinner time and hopefully bedtime. I’m so tired.


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