An Ill Baby Means No Work For Mama

I’ve had a poorly baby lately. He is on the mend now luckily.

It all started last Tuesday. He was fine, in his play pen just playing and munching on a carrot crisp waiting for his lunch then I put him in his high chair and he refused all foods! Even strawberries which are his favourite! I took his temperature and it got to 38.5.c. I decided to snuggle him and let him ride it out (antipyretics are to help ease the symptoms if required but sometimes it I better to let them ride that temperature out as long as they can tolerate it for because it’s how the body fights infection).

Wednesday he woke up and felt like a furnace. We took him to urgent care where his temperature reached 39.2.c. They tried to look in his ears and throat, listen to his chest and get a urine. It all came back clear except for a bit of a red ear. I was told to go home and I would receive a call on Thursday to see how he is. I had to miss work that day!

Thursday rolled around and he was still quite poorly, temperature reaching 40.c+. Urgent Care called and determined that he must be over the worst of it and that I should come in for an appointment tomorrow just to make sure.

I had work Friday morning but was determined to go in and meet the men for the appointment as it is right next to my work. Morning rolled around however and little man was so clingy and unwell I just couldn’t bring myself to leave him. It turned out to be the right decision because Urgent Care sent us to PAU for a paediatric review. After many hours there they told us it was viral tonsillitis and a viral ear infection so nothing could be done. We were given open access over the weekend in case he got worse.

I was due to work Saturday night and only had until 2pm to make sure little man was okay. He had barely drunk anything but I decided to go in and send Big Man to get some numbing spray for his throat. He no longer had a temperature and we were syringing fluids into him but it was an improvement. He had also developed a rash over his face and head and neck but it was blanching and seemed like a sweat rash.

He seems more back to normal (though having three hour naps in one go seems a little odd and he is still a bit grumpier than normal) but he still has a rash. It seems to have migrated down his body though and seems more noticeable over his legs and feet than anywhere else. Who knows maybe it will fall off out the bottom of his feet? If that were possible that would be funny!

Other than that life has been pretty much the same. Still looking for places to live and other jobs, preferably ones with minimal weekends and nights and no Christmas but that’s not easy in healthcare! Since I have returned until when I go on holiday in August I will only have had two full weekends off! I know I only work one day of the weekend generally and I am part time but that isn’t the point, we are supposed to be getting two weekends off a month. So I have started requesting two weekends off a month.

Little Man will turn 1 while we are on holiday so we will do a party in France with my family and have a party when we get back with everyone else as well as having his photos done, so I need ideas for easy cakes I can make!

I also pumped one night recently and it came out like a light pink! Sort of looked like strawberry milkshake! So odd.

Anyway, please spam me with cake ideas pleaaaaaase! I’d love to see what your little ones had!



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