Father’s Day Weekend

So it is boiling hot here. There was no let up all weekend.

Saturday we spent nearly two hours driving to the caravan site where big man’s family have their caravan. They were all up there this weekend and we went to drop his sister off and have a bit of food before heading home.

It was so hot and we didn’t bring any swimming gear but it got to a point where I just had to jump into the pool anyway! Even little man came in! He was just wearing his normal nappy and it soaked up fast so he couldn’t stay long but he did enjoy himself!

My clothes were dry by the time I walked from the pool back to the caravan so I didn’t have to worry about travelling home in wet clothes!

I worked an early on Sunday. It was horrible. I had a student working with me and as we had to walk around the hospital anyway to drop something to the labs we ended up detouring on the way back and treating ourselves to a cheeky costa. We wanted a caramel fudge cooler but they didn’t have any caramel sauce left so we ended up going for mint choc chip, and not going to lie it was probably the better option. I could do with one right now.

After work we went to Nandos. We got our usual and little man had his first Nandinos meal! It came with two garlic breads, sweet potato wedges and chicken strippers. He ate half the garlic bread, all the wedges and 99% of the chicken. I was quite impressed! He is a few days shy of being 10 months and he ate as much as a kid would! His meal also came with a scoop of icecream. We let him have a bit and tried it ourselves but there was quite a lot that we left of it.

For Fathers day big man got a ticket to go to the beagle world record walk and i’m sure i’ll sort out the hotel so that he doesn’t have to pay for anything.

What did you guys do?


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