Staying Cool!

For any of you that don’t live in England, we are experiencing a bit of a heatwave. Now we get them from time to time but I have to say this is the longest and hottest one I can actually remember. We do get nice weather at this time of year, but never does it reach this high for this long!

So how do we stay cool? And more importantly, how do we keep our little ones cool?!

  1. Fluids.  Lots and lots of it. Breastmilk is 90% (or more) water, you do not need to give water on top as breast milk if baby is solely breastfed. If formula fed you can give some water but try not to give so much that they do not want their normal bottles. And if baby is weaning you encourage them to take water with food and between normal feedings if you so wish. Don’t forget lots of water for yourself!
  2. Icecream or Icelollies. I think at the moment is the perfect excuse to allow them to try some icecream, but if they aren’t at the age for it yet try making lollies with milk. Breastmilk or ready made formula works well. You can also try homemade fruit juices and yogurts as well.
  3. Bottles of Ice Water. Fans are useless on their owns because they just move the hot air around. Try putting frozen bottles of water in front and dotted around the room, it will help cool the air down.
  4. A cool bath before bed
  5. Running wrists under cold water
  6. Going outside, however stay in the shade! I have learnt that staying in the shade outside is a hella lot cooler than being inside. Unless you can keep every window on your floor open and let the breeze just travel.
  7. Fruit and watery veg (e.g cucumber). This will help keep you and baby hydrated. I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to do when it is this hot is eat a proper meal (I say this as I have a curry cooking in the slow cooker).

And for all you that have fur babies, Ice Cubes! They love them! Buddy even sees them as a treat or reward, though today he can have them without having to do the normal drill of sit etc.

Don’t forget to cover yourselves in suncream if you go outside, even in the shade, you never know.

Let me know if you have any other ideas!




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