Mummy And Baby Lunch!

So I’ve been back at work for a month now. I work three days a week so I love the days I get to spend with my little man.

He’s almost ten months now (I know, when the hell did that happen?!) and making lunches that fill him and me up aren’t easy to think of (to make life quick and easy I love when we eat the same things).

I do have a baby led weaning app (costs £4.99, baby led weaning cookbook I think it is called) to give me great ideas.

I prefer letting him feed himself but mg partner and his family are very into spoonfeeding to make sure he gets enough food. If you saw him feed himself you’d know there is no worry there but its not the arguement and it does save on some mess. 

So this is what we had today! 

I had homemade tortilla pizza (the pizza was homemade not the tortilla), spaghetti hoops and (aldi brand) quavers (cheese curls). With glass of water, seeing as I’m trying to be good and all.

Little man had homemade toast pizza (again the pizza was homemade not the toast), spaghetti hoops (one big can was more than enough for us both) and some Ella’s Kitchen tamato and leek puffs. He has had quavers on other occasions but the packs are small and I didn’t feel like sharing or opening two ;). Of course he had water in his little bottle. It has a straw! My partner’s cousin got it for him and he just started being able to drink through a straw just like that!

We are planning on going to nandos for Father’s day. I was debating on bringing a Littlw bit of food for little man but after seeing how much he can put away I might just buy him a Nandinos meal for himself! 

What does everyone else do for lunch (for you or baby) and what are your plans for Father’s day?


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