Workout Apps?

So I got the chance to try out a workout out called Aaptiv! I got given two weeks free trial and don’t worry all these thoughts are my own!

Okay so let’s start.

I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that I wouldn’t change… but in all honesty I did love it.

They have a whole range of different types of workouts such as abdominals, summer body, yoga and something dedicated to mums and mums-to-be! As well as everything in between!

It may seem a little pricey at first, it is a monthly subscription starting at about $9.99 a month (I don’t know if it is different in pounds I didn’t check) but when you see how much you actually get for your price it is definitely worth it in my opinion! It’s cheaper than a gym membership and you can do everything at home or just out and about. The workouts are also not too long, ranging from 10ish minutes to half an hour.

So far there are only first trimester workouts for mums-to-be as I believe it is a new addition.

I tried their postpartum workouts which is called Stroller Workouts! This is because they try to tailor it so that you can do it while out and about with the buggy.


Now there are some things that, if you are anything like me and suck at working out, would probably rather do at home. But that is the beauty of this app, I managed to do some of them at home! There are times when you will have to walk/job but I was able to do that at home, it wasn’t as good as doing it outside but I had enough space to do so.

I found the workouts really targeted areas that I needed help with and you would be surprised how much it can make you ache the next day. You do many different exercises throughout each workout and each separate exercise doesn’t last long so you don’t have time to get bored and you know that you don’t have to hold that plank for too long which is great motivation!

The one thing I found difficult is that there is no video, it is all audio. Now this is great because it means you can do things out and about, you can lock your phone so that you don’t butt dial someone, but if you don’t know what each move is by name you may struggle a bit. It wasn’t a big deal as they do describe things but I did have to clarify a bit with google. I wouldn’t say it is such a downside that it has turned me off it, I just think it is something you should be aware of.

Having said that once you know what you are doing, just having audio and no video is pretty cool! There is a great playlist in the background, you can’t change this but it is different from workout to workout. I found myself dancing between exercises and it was great listening to songs I probably never would download onto my phone. It’s amazing how a bit of Justin Timberlake can get you in a workout mood!


I found I could fit one or two workouts into a day. I would try a new one each day but repeat the leg workout as that was my favourite one.

My two weeks has quickly come to an end sadly but as soon as payday comes around and I can assess my situation with non-maternity pay (yay finally a more healthy bank balance!) I plan on carrying on with my subscription. As far as I know cancelling a subscription doesn’t seem that difficult so if I later change my mind I shouldn’t have much hassle which is always nice to hear. Unlike some gyms that refuse to give up your custom and keep trying to persuade you until you have no choice but to sign up to a more expensive plan because you just want to get the hell out of there and down to pizza hut!

If you’ve used it let me know how you got on!


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