Sewing Machines And Dreams

At school we did different types of technology, one of them was design technology. When I was younger I was always drawing out designs for clothes I wish I could make. I could never really find what I wanted in the shops and when I could (I still have this problem now) it was always so pricey or in the wrong colour.

I do have a sewing machine. But I can’t say that I know how to use it that well. When I first got it I made a bag and a skirt. They were easy. The material I used however wasn’t the best so I couldn’t really use them out and I didn’t really like the pattern on it but it was great just to be able to get the practice.

Nowadays I really regret not trying harder and trying to pursue it because trying to find breastfeeding friendly (and non bump->bump->non bump) clothes really difficult to find. It is easier if you are happy to just whip it out (I wish I was that confident) because then a lot of things can be found, either pull down or up. You can do One Up One Down (or vice versa) with a crop top or vest but during the summer extra layers isn’t always wanted. Some clothes also don’t look as nice with this. I wish I was talented enough to just alter a top or dress by adding a little layer to the bust area or add a zip etc.

When it comes to maxi dresses I am also pretty fussy. I have a preference of style and I can never find it. I like something somewhat fitted on top so that I don’t always have to wear a bra but flowy under the bust all the way down but something that doesn’t cling to my little belly.

I’m going to have to learn how to use my sewing machine again out of sheer frustration! It might work out cheaper than buying lots of clothes!

Anyone good with a sewing machine or like designing clothes like I do?


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