The First Week

My first week back to work started Monday. It was only two hours of mandatory training but it was enough for me. But you can read more about that day on a previous post.

Tuesday was my first shift. My day started at 4:30am. Little Man decided that would be a good time to wake for a feed. The night before Big Man had promised me he would get up during the night and feed him a bottle. However when Little Man awoke wanting his feed Big Man said he was feeling ill, like he was going to be sick. That meant I had to get up. Little Man went back to sleep pretty easily however I couldn’t get back to sleep knowing I only had one hour left to go before I had to get up. Eventually I got up, got myself dressed and had my breakfast. I woke Little Man up to give him a little feed and went on my way to work. I had training in the morning and when I got back to the ward I was ready to pump. However the one room we have to use was busy which meant I had to wait. By the time I had time to go pump and have my lunch there was only an hour left of my day! I had only been in the quiet room for about ten minutes before people started trying to get in. Apparently they wanted to use the room to have a conversation and they couldn’t find anywhere else. Which meant I had to finish up and get out in a few minutes. I had only just finished one side. I didn’t have long left before going home so I wasn’t overly annoyed but as a whole it was a pretty negative start to pumping at work! The room also has a giant window and I couldn’t figure out how to close the blinds. Or lock the door so I had to barricade myself in with big chairs. The downer was both my boys were ill and instead of being home looking after them I had to be at work looking after other ill people!

Thursday was my second day. This time I was on a late. Wednesday Little Man had slept perfectly. But Thursday he decided to wake at 6:30am and that was 6 and a half hours before I had to start work! I had training again and then off to the ward. I felt pretty ill that day, catching what both the boys had that week. There was no way I could call in sick to my second day so I jus had my fingers crossed that they would send me home. They didn’t and it’s okay because I actually had a good day. I felt crap, but my patients were nice and we had a good team on which made the day better. I also had a better pumping experience. The blinds were already closed and the door locked properly. I also got to pump at a reasonable time and then had my lunch break separate which helped break up the day. It does feel long being on a late though, compared to an early. With an early you feel half asleep until about lunch time and then you get to go home and enjoy your afternoon! With a late you do nothing much with the morning and end up finishing at 9pm so it just feels long and like you may as well have done a long day!

One more day of the week, Saturday, my first weekend working since last July! The boys will be together for it and I’m working until 3:30. So although I have to get up early and work it will be nice to spend the afternoon together. And I will have three days off after that. Hopefully I’m feeling better by then!



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