Avoiding The Donuts

I’m trying to lose weight, well trying not to gain what I have lost back.

So it was my second day at work today. I walk in and there are two donuts just staring me in the face.

But I didn’t crack!

I also felt satisfied by my lunch.

I skipped the salad because I just wasn’t feeling it today. I have two slices of my tortilla pizza, popcorn, yogurt and oats and an apple. Whole. I also didn’t bother slicing and putting peanut butter and oats on. Too much fuss for in the middle of work!

I’m proud. It may not seem like much but when you’re tired, ill and having a stressful time adjusting back into work a nice donut seems like perfection!

And you can always trust nurses to be harbouring a few cheeky treats! After all there are always patients and their families generous enough to thank us with sweet treats! They don’t need to, honestly seeing them healthy and happy heading home is all the thanks we need, but it is always nice when you get a homemade card from a little kid and a box of chocolates, to share with the rest of your team, from the parents!

But that’s not good for my waistline. I will try harder this time round I really well! I am also not bringing my purse in so I don’t get tempted!

I will get back on the workouts again later this week once I am feeling better. I have a few apps lined up. Will let you know how I get on!

I will be getting back into working out but more on that at a later date!



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