First Day Back

So I’ve done it. I’ve gone back to work.

The first day I only had to do two hours of mandatory training. Which I know wasn’t long. But I hated it. I couldn’t wait to get home to my Little Man!

I’m not going to lie. I cried. A lot. Especially that night. I had to wake up the next day and do a shift. It meant that when I put him to bed I wouldn’t see him really before I get back the next day. I will wake him up to feed before I go but it wouldn’t be long.

So I got him ready for bed, but it made me so emotional! I just couldn’t stop crying for about an hour!

I’m hoping that once this week is over I’ll be better. Until my first night shift but that’s another story for later next month I hope!

I’d love to hear your first days back at work after maternity leave! Please reassure me that crying for ages is normal and that I’m not just some sad sack?


6 thoughts on “First Day Back

    • diaryofninemonths says:

      Thanks! Someone else went back a week after me and said she cried the night before as well so I feel a bit more normal! I spent the whole maternity leave dreading it! You will be fine though when the time comes, if I can do it so can you 🙈 xxx

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