Controlled Crying. Part 2.

Okay so it has been over a week now of Controlled Crying.

It has actually been going well. As I have previously mentioned in my Bedtimes post Little Man hasn’t been too bad.

98% of the time he falls asleep within ten minutes of moaning. 1% of the time he cries a little longer. The worst was two hours. I ended up giving him another feed because he sounded so croaky from all the crying and he seemed like he just needed a mummy cuddle, daddy had put him to bed that night, so that will be something we need to work on a bit before I go on nights just in case…

The other 1% of the time he falls asleep straight away. Usually if this happens he will wake up within two hours and we have to start it over but again it does not last long.

I know it can be heart breaking to hear them crying but for us it worked, well it is working. It’s not perfect yet but I’m happy. He’s happier in the mornings as well which makes us all a little better.

He is waking once in the night for a feed still but he goes back to sleep pretty easily. We did have a couple of days when he didn’t and was up for a few hours but generally he has pretty good.

I sometimes work earlies which means waking at 6am and starting work at 7:30am. Big Man said he would give Little Man a bottle so that I could sleep through. However the one time I did and early this week Big Man woke and said he was feeling sick so I ended up having to do the feed anyway and I never ended up going back to sleep so I was awake from 4:30am which made the day suck a bit, but the 4 and a half hours of undisturbed sleep I did get actually made me feel pretty good so I felt I could last the day. Except the mandatory training bit. That was hard. I struggled hard to keep awake.

If you have been struggling to decide whether to try it or not I do suggest you try.

Try it for a good few days, like a week and then review it from then. The second day was way better than the first. Make sure you do it for naps as well. Also make sure you have things to do, like make dinner or have something to watch. I put EastEnders on the laptop, this means I can watch it live but still pause it if I need to go up and check on him.

If you try it or have tried it let me know how you found it!


4 thoughts on “Controlled Crying. Part 2.

  1. Lauren says:

    I think you should do some proper research before telling people to let their child “cry it out” or “self soothe”. Babies cannot self soothe, they have not developed the skill as we have and it takes feeling safe and loved to develop it. I’m generally a non-judgemental parent as we are all so unique and I believe every parent has a built in gps for their baby 😎 but letting a child cry for two hours makes my skin crawl! That child is crying for a reason and can develop trust issues and a plethora of others later on. Please go read some scientific and psych papers on this. Also, a child’s body temperature drastically increases with crying which can lead to overheating and they burn an extraordinary amount of energy leading to hunger


    • diaryofninemonths says:

      They dont know how to self soothe because they haven’t learnt to.
      Its not like he was just left, we did check on him regularly and his cry I know wasnt him in distress.
      People dont have to take on what I’ve said, everyone is different. But it’s worked for a lot of people and it ended up working for us. He was too used to being cuddled or fed to sleep and it was leading to bad habits I couldn’t keep on doing while I was at work, he also had to get used to me not putting him to bed as I start doing night shifts which mean I’m at work when he goes to sleep so he needed to be able to go to sleep woth his dad. I doubt it ‘damaged’ him in any way as he’s still his old happy self now, he just sleeps through the night and settles a lot easier

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      • Lauren says:

        Fair enough. Sorry, it just seriously makes my hair stand on edge. I’m obviously one of those who could not and would not do it. Hat off for going back to work though, that I know is a tough one!


      • diaryofninemonths says:

        No worries, everyone is different. At first I hated the thought of it but other than an odd time here or there when he’s decided he doesnt want to go to bed yet, it only really took one night. It was a last ditch attempt before going back to work. I cant be up at 5:30 for work if ive been up all night with a baby, I knew id end up ill from tiredness!

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