Bedtimes haven’t been easy for us recently as you have probably read about multiple times.

We have been trying Controlled Crying for nearly a week now. The first night he spent near an hour screaming and crying but eventually he fell asleep. He then slept until 3am. Woke for a feed and then fell asleep in his cot again until 7:15am. The next night we went to my partner’s mum’s house for a little party and he slept from 10pm until 5am (when we had to get him in the stroller to leave), without waking once! Sunday night he was also good, having a feed at midnight and 6am. From Sunday onwards if he cries before going to sleep it has only been for 10 minutes!

After that it all went to hell. Do you know how hard it is to do Controlled Crying when it is 4am and you are in the same room as the screaming baby?!

So I gave in, cleared out the spare room and that is where he is at the moment. It also means we have a few trips to the dump to make this weekend.

So far so good but it always is at this time of the night. It’s when midnight strikes that we will see how he gets on!

There is now a gap where he cot would be. I don’t like it and I miss him. But I also miss sleep and I know I will be a better mum (and employee) if I have had more sleep! I will definitely be going to check on him every time I go to the loo (which can be a lot) and will have the baby monitor by my ear all night!

We have settled into a nice little routine though.

5:30/6pm – Dinner

6:30pm – Bath and Ranitidine and Brush Teeth

7:00pm – Story and Cuddles and Sing Song (he loves Row Row Row Your Boat)

7:15pm – Bottle and Bed

He is usually in his cot by 7:30 and the past couple of nights he has fallen straight to sleep. I suppose that is one good thing eh? Controlled crying sure sorted that out!

I then go down and get dinner started and feed Buddy. We all eat and then I pump some milk and we settle for bed. Bliss! Well if we manage to get a night without really waking much it will be!

Before we moved him into his own room I was pumping in the spare room so I wouldn’t disturb him. Ended up with a nice little set up!

The room isn’t finished yet and there are some things we cant get rid of (like the spare bed) as we will be moving soon. But the bed proved a great place to put his teddies and pillows and is a comfy place for story time!


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