Favourite YouTube Channels

I’m sure we all have them. YouTubers or channels that we subscribe to or check out on a daily or weekly basis (or occasionally binge watch if you are new to them and they have already got a few hundred videos that you just must watch). They give us a nice break from our lives and sometimes offer some comedic relief if we are feeling down or just want something to pass the time for a few minutes (maybe during that morning poop, come on we all bring our phones into the bathroom for some reason nowadays). It’s like watching reality TV except way better and they are more likeable. Though sometimes you miss the little bits of drama that the Kardashians provide (don’t judge me. Scott is my favourite of that family and that is because his mouth has no filter). So I thought I would let you know what my favourites are and why!

Buzz Feed and all their other little channels – Some of their videos are pretty damn funny. They also have those little videos that portray something you can totally relate to and makes you feel just that little bit more normal. They also have a Ladylike and Wine Mom channel. Ladylike is a bunch of girls trying different things from lipsticks to a day without feminine hygiene products (yes while they are one their periods). Wine Mom is a mom of two that drinks wine and chats about mum related things! Though you don’t have to be a mum to like her videos!

The Real Daytime – I can only watch this show on YouTube as it does not air in the UK and I can’t find it anywhere to watch. It’s a daytime talk show with Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, Adrienne Baillon and Tamera Mowery-Housely (I think that’s the right way round… But yes that is Sister Sister!). They talk about all kind of things including family life and sex and have lots of guests. Sometimes their husbands come on the show and add a ‘man’s touch’ to the show.

JesssFamJess is a 20 something mum of 7 (two of which are step-children). I have followed her on and off since she had her first many years ago (not that many but a good few). She has gone through a lot since she had her first but she is a great example of how a young woman can be a great parent and how it is possible to co-parent well and amicably.

SacconeJolysAn Italain/American/Irish (I think) couple filming their lives with their children and multiple dogs. They are an easy to watch family that upload videos everyday. They are also close friends with Zoe Sugg and her partner. They moved to London from Ireland a few years ago and have filmed everything including the loss of their baby during early pregnancy. They have now got a baby girl who is just over one month old as well as their two older children.

Ellie and JaredEllie and Jared suffered from some problems regarding their fertility and film their everyday lives. They are currently trying for baby number three, even posting a video of them recently taking a pregnancy test. They are a sweet family with two little boys.

Sprinkle Of GlitterLouise has been on YouTube for a number of years. She also has a blog. We have seen her before her little girl was born and we saw her talk honestly about her divorce and what it is like to be back in the dating world. She is very real and talks about subjects that are relatable for adults such as the morning after pill. (I know not everyone agrees with it or has used it but it’s great to hear stories about adult life and things and not just airy fairy things that is targeted for people half her age.) She has grown up a lot over the years and a recent change in her content has reflected that in a positive way.

Gabriella LindleyThe link goes to her vlog channel not her main. Although I like her main channel as well I love her vlogs. I find her relatable and honest. She talks about her surgeries to correct her excess skin after her weight loss and having a boob job! She also has moments where she goes from very glam to looking like every other person and isn’t afraid to show what she looks like without all the glam on. Though I will say I wish I could do my makeup and hair like her sometimes!

I have a few more I probably watch on a regular-ish basis but too many to list them all here! I also don’t have great reasons for all the channels I frequent. Sometimes it’s just because they had a video that I found interesting once so I sometimes check them out incase they have something else for me to watch!

Let me know who you like to watch and if you have any suggestions for me!



6 thoughts on “Favourite YouTube Channels

  1. Harietto says:

    I don’t watch any of these you listed, but I know who they are 😅 I don’t want to keep up with that many videos. But the only family/mom channel I watch is Aaryn Williams.

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