Prepping For Work

Time is speeding up this week I swear!

I’m back in for two hours of training on Monday and then Tuesday is my first day back on the ward. Oh God.

It’s cost quite a bit to prep for going back! I got a new lunch box (determined to eat healthy and not rush to the canteen!), a new FOB watch, new pens, a new pen torch and some bobby pins (dreading having to put my hair up all the time again!)

I was trying to come up with lunch ideas I could more or less make in advance and just grab out of the freezer and just batch cook it once a month. Well so far all I have come up with is a tortilla pizza. Nothing fancy just cheese. But I’m hoping half of one of those with some salad, apple slices with oats on top, yogurt and oats and a bit of home-popped plain popcorn I might (hoping) be able to get through the day without giving into one of my cravings! I will also have my trusty bottle of water by my side but I’m sure that during a night shift I will have to allow a cup of coffee come 3am…


I did use whole wheat (though maybe it was best of both?) tortilla wraps so it will make it that little bit better right? I will probably add salad cream to my salad, only a little dollop but come on I would be crazy not to treat myself a little right? I have fallen off the bandwagon a bit when it comes to food and exercise so it is about time I got it sorted before I gain those 10lbs back! I will try and get through the day with that meal before I go back just to make sure I can! If I can’t get through a day at home without cracking for a sugar fix I definitely won’t last an 8 hour shift on my feet without cracking!

I did taste them today and they were AMAZING! Even my mum had a whole one to herself!

I have also been meal prepping little man’s meals so that no one has any problems with regards to feeding him and I know what he is (or should be) having. Little man didn’t want to have his veg today so I plopped a little bit of yogurt on each spoonful and he ended up eating it all! Mummy win!


I could do with getting new shoes but that is going to have to wait until next month. I also need to find all my black socks and actually wash my uniform but one thing at a tie eh?

Getting this bedtime routine down though which will help! Though I am a little worried he will feel a little clingy when I get home and if I am doing a late I will get home (well we will pick him up on our way home from work) an hour or two after his bedtime and I don’t want him to then want to be up with us for hours after.

More on the bedtime routine and Controlled Crying later in the week though! So far it hasn’t been too bad. If anyone has any helpful hints let me know!

Also, this is totally unrelated but although I did not get the job I wanted, a woman who looked through my presentation that I had to do did comment on how I’m a good writer. Maybe there is something with writing that I can do as a job soon? I may be helping my mum to market her business (though it will be unpaid until she starts earning enough to pay me) but more on that on a later date possibly, as it her business may be of some interest to some of you mummies out there if your children are learning French…


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