I’ve been trying to bake! Just a couple of little things. Cheese and tomato pinwheels and cheese, chicken and tomato pinwheels as well as curry rolls.

Now I know it all sounds a bit random. And the pinwheels are mini pinwheels but I feel they would be a nice little carb hit along with a salad or something when I go back to work.

Adding the chicken was a last minute decision mainly because I had chicken cooking in the slow cooker in a tomato and garlic sauce and thought it would go nice

The curry roll was even more random. It was supposed to be like a curry chicken pasty type thing but I only know how to make pizza dough and I didn’t roll it thin enough so it actually turned into a roll with curry in. Still pretty damn nice! Big Man says they are F**king tasty. Big compliment there!

Before our camping trip last week I also picked up some Organix crisps. Carrot and tomato ones. Well on my last trip to boots the other day I noticed some other flavoured ones. Ella’s Kitchen had some strawberry and banana ones that Little Man tried today and it seems to have gotten his seal of approval! He is not a fan of the tomato ones but I feel that is more down to the shape of them and how they don’t seem as easy to chomp on with three and a half teeth (two bottom, one top fang through and the other top fang slowly making it’s way).


I also invested in some Dentinox on the referral of my friends. Little Man tried some and loved it! It helped calm him as well. I also got an Amber Bracelet from Amazon. It comes with a little certificate of authentication but there is no guarantee that that wasn’t made up… Time will tell I suppose!

Every week I make Little Man a fruit purree and a vegetable purree. Usually I mix it until it is pretty soft, but this time I consciously made to effort to leave little manageable lumps in his fruit one. I will make a vegetable one and leave little lumps in. Little Man isn’t a massive fan of chunks and lumps so hopefully having them in something he likes will help him get used to them!

What little meals do you make for your lunch or your little one’s lunch? Can they be frozen? Makes life easier… Also did you try an Amber Bracelet? Has it worked?


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