A Simply Good Time

Yesterday was a mummy and baby playdate! Our original plan was to meet up at one friends house and then head over to sensory play and then grab ourselves and snack and drink from one of the little cafés across the road. It was like the fifth time my friend and I had arranged sensory play. But something in the universe doesn’t want little man and I going because they called up a couple of days ago and said they were going to have to cancel because of ‘lack of staff’.

However we didn’t let that ruin our day. We still met up and had a lovely walk to a cute little café and treated ourselves. The one we chose was called Simply Good. It was established this year so quite a new place still. It was very cute and somewhat ‘hipster’. It was light blue with wooden signs dotted around with positive phrases. There was a little metal bucket with a potted flower in on each table with the table’s number on it and a handful of napkins next to it.


We each ordered a milkshake and a hotdog. Now. Those milkshakes. Oh. My. God. It was amazing! Probably one of the best milkshakes I have ever tasted! I had a Mint Chocolate flavoured one. It tasted like it had a hint of hazelnut in. It also had whipped cream on top. Now I’m not usually a massive fan of whipped cream but for some reason I found it so yum!


The hotdog was also good but it was like most hotdogs I’ve eaten. And I was still in awe of that milkshake that I don’t think the hotdog could have topped it unless the bun was replaced with giant slices of halloumi.


Can you tell I’m sort of craving halloumi right now?

Either way, I am so going back there! If my car was working right now I would be on my way to get another one of those delicious milkshakes! Just telling you about it is basically teasing myself!

I ended up using Big Man’s Mum’s stroller as I thought it would make travelling on the bus easier as well as making it simpler to fit three buggies into my friend’s house. But boy was I wrong. I needed help to get off the bus as the stroller felt too flimsy! Luckily there was a girl that offered to help me! The bus driver didn’t appreciate the fact I only had a £10 note as he had to give me most of his change but he didn’t look like he was going to stop to let me on so oh well! There is only one bus an hour as well so it would not have been convenient if I had missed it!

One of my friends brought her one month old along. She is so cute! I can’t even remember my little man being that small anymore! You could basically hear my uterus yelling at me that it needs to make another! My other friend’s baby has changed so much even though I saw him only a few weeks ago. He’s getting so big! He’s two and a half months younger than my little man but he is already bigger than him! He is so cheeky as well, such a little flirt! From the second I got in the door and saw him it was all smiles and giggles! Can’t wait to see what our babies will be like when they start being able to properly play with each other! They were all a bit too young to really interact with one another but the boys do really notice each other and my little man was very into pulling on his new friend’s face and ear! Though both the boys gave a funny look when they heard such a mega cry coming from such a small little girl!

Hopefully we will get to go to sensory play (and grab a milkshake) next month. I think I’ll need to use the sensory room more than the babies after having gone back to work! Next time I will remember actual change and bring my own travel system though… Oh I can’t wait to get my car back up and running!


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