Little Man’s First Caravan Holiday!

I’m warning you now, there will be a picture overload! But I may do it on a slideshow format thingy so you can flick through them if you wish without having to scroll for years to get down to the bottom. Or I will just add them all in as I talk. You gotta have pictures with a story right? Or maybe a mixture of both. I don’t know. Let’s see how this goes!

We set off on Thursday afternoon. We obviously had to pop to Nandos beforehand, pay day weekend and I had been craving it for weeks, how could I not? They had no Butterfly Chicken or Garlic Bread (I know right?!), apparently there was a nationwide shortage… (let me know if they were lying). I did try Sprite with a shot of vanilla flavouring for the first time. Even full fat Sprite made it taste like what I imagine diet Cream Soda to taste. It wasn’t bad, but I’m glad that it was at the end of the meal and I was just trying it out because a full glass of it would not have been tooooooo nice.

Big Man’s parents lent us their roof rack and the ties etc. I hadn’t seen a roof rack set up like that in years. I know my dad used to pack for our holidays that way and then he got a bad back and shoulder and a roof box going on top was easier because once it was on all you had to do was pack it and lock it. Sure Big Man’s dad made it look easy setting it up by himself as Big Man ran off after his dog that had escaped the house… But it wasn’t his first rodeo. Watching Big Man redo it this morning as we were packing to go home reaffirmed our need to get a box to go on top before we head down to France this summer…

An hour and a half- two hour drive later and we eventually arrived at Wisbech. It is a simple campsite where most of the pitches are taken up by season users. Their caravans are all set up, awning and ‘front garden’ type décor all waiting for their owners to come up for the weekend. The caravan we stayed in belongs to Big Man’s parents and let me tell you, for her age she is a comfy and pretty little (not actually that little) thing. Last year they planned to have her stay the season at another camp site but they had limits on the age of the caravan. Which is a shame because even though she is older than the other caravans they had there she was definitely better looking and I’m betting she was in better shape too! Anyway. It took us a long while to get the gas hooked up, it was our first time having to set it up (I say us, I spent the time telling Buddy to get down and calm himself and trying to keep Little Man occupied). The electric was easy to set up but the TV wasn’t. In the end we used the campsite WiFi with my laptop and attached it to the TV with a HDMI cable. So much easier! It took us so long to get the caravan ready, coupled with the fact we got there around 7pm that Big Man ended up going to the local ASDA to grab us drinks and a pizza along with some crisps and chocolates to make our night easier. We didn’t know where the glasses were at first (granted we never really looked) so we had Vodka and Lemonade out of his parent’s mugs.

On the Friday we pretty much just chilled the whole day. We made a short trip to ASDA and I found some cheap vests that are very form fitting but flattering at the same time. 2 for £4 I just couldn’t say no. I got a white and a purple one and then a few days later Big Man went back to ASDA and he picked me up a black and another white one (I just gave him the instruction to get a black and another colour, to be fair white stains easily so having two is a pretty good idea really). We got some food for the rest of the days as well as some for a BBQ we were planning to have later in the week. We spent the afternoon chilling outside, Buddy playing around the little ‘front garden’ area (attached to a tether, he had 6m of space but it meant we could relax a bit and he could enjoy himself. However he saw a child skipping and managed to chase to hard after him he broke free from his collar. After that we hooked it to both his collars. At some points I’m sure he had all three on. He managed to bend the bit that corkscrewed into the ground! We brought Big Man’s parent’s dog’s (I know complicated right?) crate with us, Buddy’s was too big even when folded flat, and it fit pretty nicely under the table in the ‘back bedroom’. But yeah, Big Man decided to start a drinking game with me. It was a simple game, not like Obvliviation, though that is a story for another day… But anyway we played higher or lower with a deck of cards we found in a drawer. I ended up having to down three ciders. You can make up rules for the picture cards and our rule was that for a Jack you drink two sips extra, for a Queen you drink three extra, For a King you drink four sips extra and for an Ace you finish your drink. And we decided that and Ace was higher. Rookey mistake. Always say it’s lower! I got all four Aces and three in a row were wrong. Each time I had just open a can. We also munched of Freddo Faces (anyone remember Freddos?). I was foolishly expecting them to have caramel in because Freddo’s did. Imagine my disappointment when I found out they did not!

On Saturday we went to the beach. So it’s up north in England so I suppose expecting it to be lovely sand and warm enough to chill on the beach was a bit foolish, but we still spent a lovely few hours there! Dogs were allowed in the arcade so we played a few games. We walked up and down the Pier and got chips that came in a bucked with a spade attached and we got fresh sugared donuts (because those are the two things you must get no matter which beach you go to in the UK!). There were so many dogs walking along the Pier, it was probably a crazy thing for Buddy to experience. I don’t think he has been near so many dogs at one time! We wanted to go to the World Record Beagle Walk last weekend but we couldn’t, maybe next year! I ended up breastfeeding in the car park, we were getting ready to head back so don’t worry! It wasn’t because I didn’t feel as if I could! Little man ended up nearly flashing my milk bags off to a couple and then a family that were going to their cars/ parking up! When we got back our campsite neighbours invited us to their BBQ. Little Man ended up meeting their massive dog and making friends with it. We then ended up at the bar for a few hours while Little Man tagged along (he was asleep in his stroller and it was family friendly, children running around everywhere). We eventually made it back to our caravan just before midnight and munched away until we were tired enough to sleep.

We hadn’t drunk that much in ages, especially me, first time since really early 2016. So much Cider, Vodka, Wine and Baileys! Oh man I have missed Baileys. So creamy and lovely! We weren’t really hungover when we woke up on Sunday but we were a bit more tired than normal and overly thirsty (and I was craving my go-to-after-a-drinking-session McDonalds (which is really just my usual McDonalds order). The football was on, Tottenham vs Arsenal and we were very happy with the score so I’m sure you can guess who we support. We then got invited to another BBQ. We also got to try homemade pork scratchings. So much better than shop bought ones. So much crunchier and they had a kick to them, I think they had a curry powder coating. That nice also ended up with Little Man befriending another big dog, this time an Alsation-Husky cross, and a trip to the bar. This time we only had one at the bar but it was nice to go.


Monday was even more chill. We tried to keep baby and puppy asleep for as long as possible because we didn’t want to emerge from our sleeping bag just yet. While everyone else was packing up to go home, we made a fort in the main part of the caravan and didn’t get out until about 4pm. One hour and one trip to the garage later to pick up another bag of coal, we managed to get the BBQ lit and cooked up our cheese and onion burgers, our hotdog sausages, bacon and halloumi. Why does everything just taste so much better when it’s been on a BBQ? We ended up having baguette and Boursin for our snack that night. Big Man had bought two that day. One I could eat to myself and one to share. He knows me so well!

All this takes us to today. Which will be tomorrow for you… which is actually yesterday to you… Tuesday. It takes us to Tuesday. We packed up and got on our way home. Treated ourselves to a cheeky burger and chips from the Kebab van near our house and finished off our Vodka. I’m so tired but it was such a lovely few days away. It’s amazing how just going two hours up the road can feel so freeing. Two solid years (except for Valentine’s weekend last year and the odd day or so here or there) in the same town is tiring and draining! I can’t wait for our next family holiday and sorry to our caravan neighbours, Buddy found his way back to your drain tubing…again… We’ve put it back so hopefully you won’t notice! Holidaying with a baby and puppy is hard but everyone was lovely and understanding about both of them and our neighbours really fell in love with Little Man! He also tried Cow and Gate food jars and was not impressed… I think he has had only 1/4 out of the three jars we have tried so far!


Why is it so easy to write nearly 2000 words for this in such a short space of time but I can’t manage this many words in three months for a uni essay? Anyway, I hope everyone else enjoyed their bank holiday weekend!

Two more weeks left of maternity leave…

Some more photos below. Probably the most you have seen of our faces! Maybe one day you will know our names 😉

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