Forgot The Milk…

Little man usually has Weetabix and cows milk for breakfast. This morning I realised we had run out. Me being me I also forgot I could have used the stash of breastmilk I have in the upstairs fridge. Or maybe my brain just felt too lazy to remind me because well it is a three storey house… That’s a lot of stairs…

So we had the same breakfast today. Oats and yogurt! After we had eaten though I realised it was soya yogurt but ah well it tastes pretty damn nice.

I also had a homemade flapjack because I was still pretty hungry.


The other day I was soooooo exhausted that big man made me a cuppacino with a sprinkling of hot chocolate, it really helped. The first time in like a year and a half that I had actually hade a coffee. Damn I forgot how much of a laxative it could be… TMI I know…

This morning I was clutching to my water wishing that it could be that coffee again but I couldn’t find the cuppacino powder and let’s face it, it is always better when someone else makes it for you.


Other than Weetabix or porridge what else do you give your little ones for breakfast? Need some ideas, I feel little man is getting bored of the same thing day in and day out. Though it could just me getting bored of making the same thing…


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