Slump Time

It was all going well. I admit I had taken a few days off here and there but it was still going well.

For about 6-7 weeks anyway

But then Easter came along. I took the Sunday and Monday off working out. Sure I still had big long walks and I’m doing that at the very least, but I haven’t really properly worked out in who knows how long!

I am trying to still do a simple leg workout everyday, so at least I am still trying to tone, I’m still trying to do long walks, and side dips and some Kegel exercises (I heard they are great for toning your lower abdomen from the inside out!).

But I have only done a workout DVD once since Easter. How lame!

I think I was just getting bored of it and I am feeling so drained with the thought of going back to work and the lack of sleep, I have a real lack of energy! There have been a couple of days when I have needed to go to the shops for something quick and ended up bribing my friend with lunch just so I have a reason to go out there and not put it off! If I’m meeting someone I’m not going to bail.

Maybe that’s what I need, a workout buddy. But it’s not that easy to find one! Either because I can’t get or really afford a gym or we can’t find regular times to do it. It’s tough planning things around adult schedules eh?

I suppose that’s just excuse after excuse. Hopefully I will get back on it soon. I like the direction I am going in! I fit nicely into my size 10 jeans (although it can be a bit tight around the belly when I am bloated which I was today!). But then I look at myself in the mirror and I’m still lumps and bumps everywhere and clothes still don’t fit right. Maybe I need a wardrobe to go with my figure? My boobs have doubled in size and so anything I have that goes over them hides my waist (that is getting slimmer) So I have to have clothes that have a lower neckline than normal tshirts. Maybe a little trip to primark is in order to make myself feel better and get myself out of this slump?

I am trying with my diet though. More of a smaller portions and junk food a little less often than starving myself on salads. Afterall I’m more likely to succeed if I still allow myself usual foods just in smaller quantities? Salad diets never last long with me. I am enjoying my yogurt and oats for breakfast! And I feel it is having a positive impact on my milk supply as I am able to pump between 6-9oz in one sitting instead of barely getting 4-6 like I was a few weeks ago!!!

Send me your motivation please!!! And any workouts you know of, preferably cheap DVDs or YouTube videos!



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