The Difficulties Of Living In One Room

It’s difficult living in just one room. It’s also hard just living in your mum’s house when you have your own family.

For one a serious lack of privacy. Secondly serious space issues. Like we have no space! There is no room for anything so the room always looks a complete mess. This room looked bigger when I was younger…

And thirdly, and what is annoying me right now, well not so much annoying me yet because little man is still asleep at present, BUT big man is on the playstation playing against his brother and cousin, which is absolutely fine, he doesn’t get much time to go on during the week let alone manage to play against his family because he works lates, BUUUUUUUUT why does he have to be so loud??????

He has been warned. He will have to come off and settle the little one back to sleep if he wakes him. And if I have to tell him one more time to quieten his voice I’m going to be annoyed.

Me – Please keep it down

Him- Okay I will

Five Minutes Later (read in the voice of that guy on SpongeBob Squarepants… come on admit you have watched it and you know what I am on about)

Him- *Talking unbelievably loudly*

Me- (In a hushed yelling voice, you know the one) OI! KEEP IT DOWN!!!

Him- Sorry. *Mutters and laughs into his headset with his brother and cousin*

Talking of rooms though we have had a change around, you won’t know this but little man was in a crib for a while and hiss clothes were in those plastic grey and clear drawers. Well we got him into a proper cot now as he was just getting longer and longer and we upgraded his drawers to a proper little white chest of drawers from ikea. Half the size of ours and they match. We also have a cute little collage canvas above his bed that big man had made for valentines day. It is a picture of big man and I, a picture of little man and a picture of Buddy. He sleeps in his cot though still wakes for feeds throughout the night and it is hard to get him in there to sleep if he’s not in the mood. But baby steps in the right direction!



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