So the picture is of cookie dough KitKat because I really want one but sadly don’t have any right now. I do have a share pack of Rolos but like it says I do have to share it…

As you may have read a few days ago we are possibly, probably moving soon and I went for an interview the other day for (what you didn’t know) was my dream job. Well it is my in the real world I need to work and this is what I want to and could realistically do dream job that I have wanted to do since the first year of my training. It is not a job with many places in, especially where we will be moving to. I am still hoping a few more places come up but the closer to summer we get the less likely it will happen.

Well as you may have been able to tell from the tone of this post already, I did not get the job.

My friend invited me out to lunch and we were having a merry time reading the personal section in American Craig’s List app my friend has on her phone.

The phone call kind of killed the mood.

I didn’t get the job. Apparently I don’t possess the leadership skills required for the role.

Damn it.

So now for the first time since I turned 18 I have no idea what to do career wise. It has thrown me way off. It felt at first like this was meant to be. But now I don’t even feel like I want to stay in the same field I am working in. It’s not a job they seem like they will be making places for much after this year. I believe it is the last year (for now at least) that they are funding the course. It’s an on-the-job study thing.

So now we are moving. I don’t know what I am going to do, whether to stay at my job and commute for a bit or find a job in the same field up there or maybe just try something else all together.

But do you know what sucks the most?

If I had known, I could have committed to staying at my current job until next march, been entitled to all my holiday and have taken the extra month holiday at the end of my maternity like I had originally planned. When I went into work to sort out going back I mentioned I may be leaving and they reminded me that if I took too much holiday that I wasn’t entitled to I would have to pay it back, so I am going back a month earlier than planned. But now I know I could have taken it still. Which just puts the shitty icing on the shit filled shit cake.

Anyway there is a cider in my fridge with my name on it as soon as I am finished pumping so I best be off. (I know, typing this and pumping, multitasking eh?)

Leave some words of wisdom if you have them!!!


2 thoughts on “Failed

  1. Harietto says:

    I’m going to be honest and say I don’t have any words of wisdom, I’ll just send you some virtual chocolate and beer 🙂 Hopefully it works out! I know it will. Enjoy the cider and your weekend.

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