Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Good Friday we went to my aunt’s house and little man got to meet some cousins for the first time. It was so cute, they loved him and he loved them! The weather was a bit of a let down but I suppose that is just England eh? They got little man a box of toy eggs that he absolutely loves and really enjoys playing with. Saturday big man went to work in the morning and the we (I’m not ashamed to say) spent about three or four hours sleeping in the afternoon. Sunday we ended up going to see his parents up north at their caravan. It was pretty fun, pretty chilled. The weather again didn’t really hold up but it wasn’t the worst thing either. Monday we went on a really long dog walk and had big mans friend join us for the day. He fed little man for the first time and I don’t know who enjoyed it most!

Problem of having a baby at Easter time is, do you give him chocolate or not?

So we don’t want him having lots of it. He got two chocolate eggs and a chocolate lamb. Now that is a lot of chocolate for a baby who isn’t quite 8 months yet. We decided we would give him a taste and then munch them ourselves. Our cousins knew we would (they gave us the chocolate lamb) but his aunts who gave us the eggs and big mans mum seemed annoyed that we didn’t give him the whole eggs. Now we could have broken it up and just given him a little bit every now and then but it felt like it would have taken a year to go through it all and that was ridiculous. Now if had had been given one from the whole family sure, but getting one from everyone? Nah man. I feel like it is a personal thing and we preferred that he didn’t have much and we prefer to give him fruit. Are we crazy for not? Even next year I don’t think we would give him all his eggs. Maybe we will break one up and give it to him over time and then bake with the rest of it so he could have it in different treats over a few months or something? We could have done that this year but then again he wouldn’t really be enjoying chocolates in anything until he’s one anyway. There are chocolate chips in the yogurt bark I make but at the same time I take them out before I give them to him, I only put them in because everyone enjoys eating the yogurt bark not just me.

While we were at the caravan an Easter bunny came round and gave us a chocolate bunny for him. He will have a taste yes but again the rest of it will probably be enjoyed by his mum and dad. It’s a pretty big bunny and he has the rest of his life to enjoy chocolate, why does he NEED (yes they made it seem like he needed it and just because I said no he couldn’t have it that he was still going to have chocolate) it now?

What did everyone else do with regards to chocolate this year?


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