Going Back To Work


Okay now I’ve got that out of the way…

I hate this. I don’t want to go back! I love spending time with my little man! I know I have to and I know it will be good to be around adults and bring home a little bit more money but I also know I’m going to hate it.

We visited a nursery but we can’t afford it and it doesn’t work with NHS shift hours, even though it is a nursery attached to a hospital but whatevs… so childcare is going to be split between me, big man my mum and his mum. My mum works a lot and odd hours so she will just be bridging the gap between big man starting work and me finishing when I can do earlies. But when I do a late little man is going to his nanny’s.

Quick question for those of you that have your parents/ in laws as your childcare, do you pay them? Also where do you draw the line at boundaries and ‘nanny says so’?

I hope you understand where I’m getting at… I’m sort of looking for advice without specifically asking what I want advice on, I suppose just the whole situation!

The next thing that has been a big headache to sort out is shift pattern! I have made it clear that earlies during the week and a night on two Saturdays a month is what I can do fine but I have to fit in earlies. Big mans mum has a lot of appointments which also means fitting them around what she can do and seeing as appointments don’t come through two months in advance a lot of the time it makes planning difficult!

I’ve tried batch cooking, but I have a feeling that’s going to go out the window depending on who has him aswell.

Urgh this is really just a big moan.

Why can’t I just be one of these youtube mums? I’ll film our life and make cool videos and not have to worry about childcare and be able to spend my time with my baby over anything any day! Would anyone actually watch though??? I doubt it so back to work I go 😦



6 thoughts on “Going Back To Work

  1. Harietto says:

    I would watch ☺️ Did someone actually talk down on your rules about what to feed your baby? Sounds so rude.. I almost want to cry a little for you, having to go back to work sounds incredibly sad yet it is the norm. I am lucky that I don’t have to and if I did I think I might have a breakdown. I admire you highly for doing what you gotta do for the family ❤️ Moms rule!

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    • diaryofninemonths says:

      Yup! All the time. Its different parenting styles but apparently different is wrong
      Sadly it is 😦 im lucky it’s only three days a week but it’s so stressful, especially organising going back to work
      Mums do rule!!!
      And thank you for your comment, it did make me feel better x

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      • Harietto says:

        Well 3 days is better than 7. But leaving the little one is so much harder then most people understand. People without kids anyway. It feels like a small heartbreak, haha. Sounds weird but that’s what it feels like.

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      • diaryofninemonths says:

        I spent a night away a few months ago and it was like my body just craved him! Its so weird to explain and some people just think youre crazy but ive spent like 18 months with him, 9 in my belly and will be nearly 9 out of my belly, its a long time, being without him will just be too weird!

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      • Harietto says:

        YES! That’s what it feels like. Like a part of you is missing 😦 I haven’t spent a night away yet but my husband and I had a date a few weeks ago (only three hours or so) and I couldn’t focus very well on enjoying the free time.

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