When It Pours

Got caught out in the rain today! I was walking with Buddy and baby today and it was slightly raining as we left and as we got back but there was about five minutes in the middle where I thought we were going to have to start swimming!


Little man had gone two days without pooping and man when he finally did… well let’s just say…







It’s okay to wretch and puke. I did. I yelled for someone to run the bath. I don’t know who was covered more, me or him!

So my measurements from the shred level one were good. My arms apparently got bigger but I can see definition so I don’t know maybe it was because I was trying to measure my own arms and well that’s just awkward and difficult.  But everything else I’m happy with!


I do however have dreams of doing this for easter… or any time really… just a little chocolate snack…


Finally… I had a cheese and onion crisp sandwich for lunch today. My oh my was it yummy. Never underestimate the more simpler culinary experiences!

I know this was a bit of a random one but I had little things to put and didn’t really have  much to say around them. Hopefully you enjoyed it anyway!



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