Getting My Cooking On!

Way back when me and big man started dating I warned him I wasn’t good at the whole domestic living thing. I couldn’t cook anything to save my life. Turns out becoming a mama has changed that for me! I’m a pro at making pizza and cheese cake, my cupcakes are pretty tastey and I can bung a curry or a spag bol or a cottage pie together and have it taste nice!

At the weekend I made a pasta bake, even made one for the little man. Added a bit of broccoli and chicken to his as well just to get him tasting more things. I also made egg muffins. It’s a pretty easy and small omelette like snack in the shape of a muffin. They can be frozen and just reheated later on as well. So I made cheese and broccoli ones for little man and I’m going to make cheese and onion ones with some salt and pepper for me and the big me later on. I also plan on doing steak pie and roast potatoes for dinner. Now I’m not making everything from scratch, but for someone who could burn pasta it’s pretty impressive right?


The littlest member of the family has been having yogurt bark or just yogurt or fruit purree after his Weetabix in the morning, such a little piggy! He will have a milk feed within the hour before AND after breakfast aswell! Hopefully this means his weight will pick up nice and fast! I had yogurt leftover from the yogurt bark the other day so I added some oats and raisins and had that for breakfast at the weekend. I used to have it for breakfast when I was working, I remember how yummy it actually was and how surprisingly filling it was, next time I do a shop I’m going to have to stock up on breakfast things instead of just having noodles.

Anyone got some little quick and easy recipes they care to share?


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