Birthday, Biting, Bounty Pack And More!

Oh gosh I don’t even know where to start with this one! I’m sort of going by the pictures…

Let me start by saying my size 12 super skinnies from New Look are so baggy on me now! So is my vest top! Yay! Turns out working out works! Who knew eh šŸ˜‰ I’m still not great on the healthy eating thing, in fact the past two weeks have been a bit hit and miss because of my birthday. I’ve eaten okay but at the same time I’ve had about four or five pizzas and a lot of cake. So much cake. More about the cake later I promise!



It was my birthday this week! I’m a whole 24 years old now. It’s the last time I’ll be able to say I’m in the 18-24 bracket on questionnaire things. Sad times. I spent the day doing very un-birthday like things. It really is just another day as you get older and that makes me sad. We went and got little man weighed. He now weighs just over 16lbs! We then went to look at a nursery for when I go back to work, I did get a bit emotional as we were waiting for the tour. It was lovely but I am so not ready for him to be old enough to be there yet! We then went and did a food shop and I finally got my bounty growing family pack! Apparently they are releasing a new one and it has been hard to track down. Asda had an old one though that was apparently out of date but everything inside was still in date so we just grabbed that as I didn’t want to be waiting for ages for it. It came with some toothpaste, some Tenna Lady pantyliners, Hipp Organic food pouches, a pack of Asda baby wipes and a travel sized baby wash. Pretty good stuff really! We then had fajitas for dinner and had some chocolate cake. Pretty chill but I supposeĀ that’s growing up eh? I also got some Pizza socks from my friend because I proof read her script! The next day I went to the shops with a friend of mine and breastfed in their little baby change area. Its lovely, sofa and tv and then a microwave and baby change area and family toilet. Like an adult toilet with a child’s one next to it. Second time breastfeeding in public. The first time was the Saturday before at a pub restaurant place we went to for my birthday. Well actually I suppose it was the week before that when my partner’s dad was in hospital… I had gone six months without having to feed in public then bamn suddenly every time I’ve gone out in the past couple of weeks! I then got given a Nutella cheese cake and a card that I can’t lie, did make me laugh more than I should admit. I got loads of baby and puppy cuddles while big man was at work which was nice. My friend and I are taking our little men to a sensory room next week! So excited! My brother and his girlfriend (probably more his girlfriend) sent me some lovely flowers as well. I doubt they will last long, flowers never do with me, but they are so pretty!

I made some yummy flapjacks and yogurt bark this week. Pretty simple stuff but both my boys have appreciated it. Little man had some curry for dinner as well. Managed to have enough to make two more meals that I’ve shoved in the freezer for later! I’m slowly getting there with this meal prep stuff! He is loving warm milk with his Weetabix and he had some yoghurt after his Weetabix this morning. He’s a pig just like his mama! The yogurt barks are strawberry and black current and then vanilla and blueberry. The first one didn’t turn out as pretty because the colours are so similar that you can’t really tell!



And finally. Little man is finally getting a tooth through! I noticed because he has started biting while feeding. Bad enough when he has gums but this morning I felt a sharpness. Its a tooth! I can see it and feel it! It’s finally happening! Crazy stuff! But for anyone like me who is going through a baby who is trying to bite I found some tips. This is a screenshot from Instagram.



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