Bras, Buggies and Ben and Jerrys

We may get a little bit personal here but oh well!

Up until last week I always thought that before I was pregnant my bra size was like a 34D and now it was a 34E. WELL. I used the Boob or Bust Online Calculator (here) and it told me I was a 32G!!! At first I thought they were kidding so I went to Mothercare and tried on a nursing bra and it was the best fitting bra ever. Fit me like a glove! Even more surprising as I seem to have slimmed down from doing the 30 day shred!!! Granted it’s inches I have lost not really lbs but still!


Little man is in his buggy now. Like no longer using his car seat on the travel system! how crazy is that!!! He doesn’t like it until we get moving, I think it is because it is a forward facing one so he can’t see me any more but once we get moving he either gets distracted by everything going on or (more likely) he falls asleep.


So apparently on the 4th April, in the UK at least, it is Ben and Jerry’s free scoop day or something? They have just released a new flavour and it looks so yum I really just want to eat it right now! Brownie and caramel YUMMMMM. Tesco do an own brand mint choc chip cookie dough ice-cream I’m dying to try as well!


And just some cute photos of my little man having enjoyed Pasta Bolognese and just crashed out asleep! I don’t know why I some times cover his face and sometimes don’t… If it’s partially covered already like with his hoody I don’t mind but if it’s his whole face uncovered I feel like I should…

Lastly… Aldi do really yummy chocolate bunnies. So much cheaper than Lindt if you buy them as much as I want to… And they do dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate!


Okay one very last thing… Youtubers all over the UK have been doing a Red Out, where they go off social media for 24 hours. Is it just me that thinks this is a bit of a cop out? Surely they could be using their massive followings to be teaching people about why the charity is important and what it means to them and encouraging people to donate? They say it is trying to teach people that other people have to go without things and you going without something isn’t that bad, but then can’t they do a sponsored thing where they get as many of their followers to pledge not to use social media themselves for a day? Wouldn’t someone understand more if they weren’t able to use their own social media than if someone else didn’t for them? If you get what I mean? And to people saying they are losing out on a day’s pay for it I doubt it… If one of their other video’s gets watched they will earn money from it. Just saying. They could be doing something that would raise awareness better… Opinion not fact!





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