Six Months!

Wow! How did this come by so fast?! Little man is already six months old! I got back to work soon! Where the hell has time gone?!?!

Some little things that are going on now

  • Weaning has started
  • He loves fruit
  • He can sit unaided, though is he gets over excited or realises no one is supporting him he sometimes falls
  • He LOVES standing. Aided. But sometimes all you have to do is hold his hands
  • He can sleep nearly through, only waking once, though this has been rare since the start of the year due to illness and teething
  • Some days we don’t use a bottle at all we just breastfeed (if you know my struggle you’ll know how amazing this is)
  • He loves his tommee tippee sippy cup
  • He is teething badly but still as gummy as ever
  • He loves his baths
  • Still falls asleep almost as soon as he gets into his car seat or buggy
  • Loves his play gym
  • Giggles and smiles more than any baby I know
  • Loves to talk (baby talk but still)
  • Has Weetabix for breakfast
  • Can roll from belly to back
  • Is such a poser when the camera comes out

I cant believe how much he has changed and it is so weird to think how far he has come. It is amazing. I love this poo machine so much it is insane!

Mash and frozen fruit puree (or sorbet?) for dinner

My little superhero baby!


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