Gathering Of Mums

Why is it so hard to get mums together?

The other day me and three other mums were going to take our little ones out. Mine is the youngest and the others are all under 2. I got a message in the morning saying they didn’t know when they were going to meet as mum 1 and 2 had bad nights with their little ones, one of whom had had their injections the day before. I then got a message saying we could meet at half 2. Awesome, it gave me time to get ready and have my lunch without rushing.

Then I got a message saying that mum 3 had just got her little one to sleep, he had gone down for his nap about two hours before but he just wasn’t getting the hint that it was nap time, even though he was yawning loudly and rubbing his eyes a lot. It seemed as if we were still on to meet but that it would only be for a couple of hours instead of the day. That was cool. Then mum 1 and 2 weren’t up for it anymore, but mum 3 said she would meet me anyway.

I had made it known that I would have to be home for half 5 so I could start getting dinner ready etc. I got a message at 16:30 saying we could meet, so I got myself and little man ready and set off. I got to where we were due to meet and I got a message saying she wouldn’t be able to come now.

Now I get it. If you’ve got a little one you have probably been in each one of the mum’s shoes, but that doesn’t make it any less poopy when your plans gets cancelled. And I still hate being cancelled on at the last minute. But kids are unpredictable and you can’t visualise how your day is going to go with them as one minute they are all good to go then next thing you know you are hosing them off because they’ve just made the biggest mess or they haven’t slept a wink all night and then neither have you so neither of you can manage to do anything except sleep all day and occasionally emerge from under the duvet to use the loo, eat and drink and occasionally check Facebook to see if anything dramatic has happened in the outside world.

So basically if your vision of maternity leave is hanging out with all your mummy friends, grabbing drinks at costa and just generally doing what you did before just with a little poo machine attached to you well then you may need to come back to reality. That isn’t to say you won’t be able to do that anymore, but beware you may not get anywhere on time for a while, and you may end up just cancelling or postponing half your plans because some of the time it just isn’t worth the hassle. Let’s face it if you’ve had to change your outfit five times because each one has ended up covered in some form of bodily fluid then is it really worth bothering?


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