Catch Up

I know I know it has been a while again! I’m sorry!

I am just starting to catch up on some sleep as my other half works a late shift so he takes over dealing with little man until about 3am then it’s me again, so I have actually been getting more sleep than normal (though why do I feel so tired still?!?!?!)

Let’s start this catch up in order.

Weaning! It’s going pretty well so far. There have been a couple of off days due to teething but other than that! Little man likes pasta, potatoes, carrots and a whole array of fruits! He eats the fruits in his mesh feeder. I have heard a lot of people complain about how hard they are to clean but other than banana (which I won’t bother putting in there again) everything has been easy to clean out and it still looks as good as new! He did lose 0.02kg of weight though as he was started on Ranitidine for his reflux and it made him throw up a few massive vomits (I’m talking drowning us). He is still teething with no teeth to show for it which is annoying us all! His sleep has gone from bad to good and back again because of it. When will those pesky teeth come through! But at this point I’m somewhat used to the lack of sleep so I have learnt to function! Today he tried some cheesy (very little bit of cheese) mash and he liked it for a bit then got fed up with it. I made some fruit puree and froze it and it made a sorbet type thing and he ate the whole pot! He even got annoyed when I tried to stop because I didn’t want to overload him!

He is six months old now! Can you believe it?! I don’t even know where the past six months have gone I really don’t! He’s sitting up so well by himself now. Though I feel that should be a separate post, his six month one.

Something that happened a few days ago, my other half’s dad had a heart attack. That is one way to get him out of bed, have his mum call him up and tell him that. Never seen him shoot out of bed so fast! And honestly I can’t say I’ve ever heard someone say ‘Not to worry you but your dad is just having a heart attack and we are on the way to the hospital’ and sound so freaking calm! It had apparently started lunch time the day before and he put the pains down to other things. It was a bit touch and go for the day but that man is one hell of a fighter and he came out of it looking better than any of us did that day. We saw him the day after as well and you wouldn’t have known the ordeal he had been through the day before. He said he felt better than he had done in years, this would be down to the fact that the had an underlying condition he did not know about. He carried on working when it started and he was even dressed and ready for work that day but his wife forced him to stay and got an ambulance pretty sharply. He even walked into the ambulance. Hard core right?! He’s doing good now and should be as good as new in no time!

On a lighter note I finished my 30 day shred finally. I took a few days off here and there due to being ill, injury and just general life getting in the way. I can fit in my size 10’s pretty nicely and I and my partner can notice a difference. I am now going to do it again but do a level twice, so doing 10 days on each level but do two level one each day for ten days etc. and I am increasing the weights I use to 4kg. My 2kgs are feeling pretty useless I’m proud to say. Wish me luck though! They felt heavy when they came in the post…


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