Sippy Cups Galore

So we have started weaning! More on the food side to come but lets talk sippy cups.

I have been trying to get him to try sippy cups for a while but he refused to put any even near his mouth. Then eventually he tried to bite down on one but didn’t like the feel of it so screamed every other time I even had it in my hand. Great.

So off I went to boots today, tackling Doris, that storm that happens to be tackling the UK at the moment. There were soooo many choices, it’s somewhat overwhelming. Then I came across this little Tommee Tippiee one. We already had a Tommee Tippee one but it came with a straw. This one came with a teat that is the same as their bottles and another one that is flatter and resembles the spout of a sippy cup but made out of the same material as the bottle teat.

At first he screamed and turned his nose up at it and I thought I had just wasted £5.99. So I put the bottle teat on, he had a bit of water after some debating then I switched the teats again and he tried the flatter one. Success! he hasn’t fully got the hang of it but he’s trying! He is biting it a lot but I tried it just before I wrote this and he did try to suck it properly. So happy! He managed 2oz of water from it today. I’d say that’s pretty good going eh?

Also I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday and I have made a little past-partum box for the new mummy to be! It has maternity pads, breast pads, two boxes of paracetamol and a four pack of Curly Wurleys for mum (she has been craving them all throughout this pregnancy and they nicknamed their little baby Curly!) and a hooded towel for baby.

It’s not much but hopefully it will help get her through those first few days!

What sippy cups worked for you? I like the spoutless ones, well the idea of them but I’m not sure if little man would like it or not? Anyone have one and want to let me know how their little one got on with it?


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