I know it’s been a while since I last posted. Im sorry! Or maybe you haven’t noticed… 

Well im now on level three of my shred and im finally in my size ten jeans again!!! I’ve eaten a lot of rubbish still and taken a couple of days off here and there but I fit! 

I did manage to fit in some fruit so not all bad right? I get points for that surely? 

Little man is six months old today! Six whole months old! We were supposed to visit a nursery this morning but he was up screaming half the night and so we were both tired. We did manage to have his photos done (part of our bump to baby shoot) but he got grumpy at the end. He’s teething and it’s hitting bad! Temperature, horribly stuffy nose and lots of pain. He’s even gone off feeding.

His weight is so close to where it should be but I have a feeling this may make him drop or stay put. We wanted to try him on soids but we aren’t sure how into it He will be. He’s also been back in our bed these past coupe of nights. I try to get him to atleast fall asleep in his crib at the start of the night but nope he’s not having it. We just got him out of our bed from 11-7 as well! These damn teeth. However his nose was so stuffy he couldnt breathe so I had to sit him up in the night and I only noticed because I could hear him struggling because he was so close to me so it’s a good thing I suppose.

Also you know sleep walking? Yeah well I sleep breastfeed. Yup. I put him to sleep in his crib the other night and went to sleep myself. I woke up sat upright with him on my chest and my boob out feeding. Nit recollection of actually picking him up or him even crying. Full on mumbie mode! 

I will write something better soon but for now I better tend to my poor little man! 


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