Tired On A Sunday?

I’m not entirely sure where my Saturday ended and my Sunday began… but that’s life with a baby right?

I went to bed at about half past midnight and then my little darling woke at 1:15 am. Took 20 minutes to settle. Then he woke again at 2:20. Didn’t settle again until 3:45. I’m not sure when else he woke up but I know he was in our bed earlier than I usually allow because I was just too tired to try and get him back to sleep. Apparently I got a bit snappy when I was ‘awake’.

I know I eventually got up at 9am. Or around then anyway. Even managed to dress myself nicely considering all my go-to clothes are in the wash. Got Calpol on my jeans yesterday.

Little man has been teething and he seems to be really trying to push those first little teeth through. Poor thing. Nothing to show for his pain yet!

We made our way to Asda to do a shop. Took advantage of the Valentine’s meal deal they have going on. and spent about £40 on other random things we apparently need to eat this week. A Lot of pizza subs and some apples if I’m honest. Had happy meals on the way home to tide us over. Got Batman masks in them. Awesome!

Took the pup on a lovely walk in the cold and then came back and I got to have a bath in peace while the mr had watch on the little man and the puppy while playing on Battlefield with his brother and cousin. Even managed to have Maltesers from an Easter egg (yes I have an Easter egg again. Also have an Advent Calendar).

I never got a nap to make up for the sleep I lost during the night but we had our Valentine’s meal tonight as my other half is working until late on Tuesday. I’m going to have to workout hard tomorrow to make up for it!

Two days left of level two on my 30 day shred. I’ve had a couple of days off for bad back and other commitments.

But for now I’m going to drink wine and watch Bad Moms!



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