Sleep, Storm Troopers And Snow

You may (or may not) have noticed I’ve not really written anything this week. Big man has been put on the late shift and trying to change our routine to fit that and dealing with the tiredness from trying to keep little man in his crib all night has been exhausting!

The first three days of the week were pretty standard, start the day with a pain au chocolat, say cheerio to mr man as he heads off to work, feed the little man then walk the pup, do my shred dvd, spend hours trying to get little man to nap in his crib, fail miserably, feed buddy, get dinner ready, feed little man again, get him to sleep (eventually) then add in a couple of wakings and feeds during the night and there you have it!

Though Wednesday me and little man met with a friend (and her little man!) at costa, had a catch up (and a cheeky McDonalds)


Thursday however was not standard. Little man went to his nanny for a few hours as I went to a funeral with my mum. It was for a child we knew. Funerals aren’t easy, especially for a child, but this was quite a send off. Very personal to the little guy. Storm troopers were there, people in football or Marvel shirts. The family had touching tributes and I don’t think anyone managed to hide their tears. The family showed incredible strength throughout it all. The amount of people that turned up or were there to see the funeral leave his home and travel to his final resting place. Touching doesn’t even cover it.

By the time I got my little man back all I wanted to do was cuddle him and so that’s what I did basically all afternoon after walking my pup, cuddled my little baby and chilled.


My friend had some bad news about her nan, she was hospitalised and so on Friday we met up so she could chat it out for a bit, have a break from the hospital as she had been there all Thursday and stayed until 6am on Friday.

I then went on a walk with little man and Buddy. The snow was just lightly falling as the sun was setting. I can’t be the only one who loves walking in the snow? It wasn’t staying on the ground which is lame because I LOVE the snow. But walking in it was pretty nice. Peaceful. There were a few snowflakes as we left the service on Thursday, it was a nice end to the service I feel. Little snowflakes peacefully falling to the ground, eventually melting away leaving a sense of fresh, new and calm behind.


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