Success! Sort of…

We had a great night! I got little man into his crib at about 9pm. He didn’t want to sleep at first but I tried to soothe him without picking him up and he eventually fell asleep! I did have to sit there for a while but I managed to read a good chunk of my book to yay! He then woke up around midnight as we were settling down (we had watched police academy, such a funny film!) and I gave him a couple of ounces of breast milk on a bottle while he was still laying in his crib (I know I know but I didn’t want to pick him up and risk him not going back to sleep). He then woke at 4:30, breastfed and I put him back to his crib. Just as he was drifting off he poo-plodded, so I had to deal with that… And after that he wasn’t as sleepy. I did put his straight back into his crib though and I sat and read my book as he fell asleep. I managed to finish it! (The Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – Screenplay, such a good read! Can’t wait to watch the film!). He then slept until 7:30!!! Like omg!!! So happy and impressed! Could not believe it! The last time he slept that well and went back into his own crib after waking up for a feed was before I got mastitis last November!!! We got back from Sunday lunch at his Nanny’s house and he fell asleep straight in his crib again!


I made another cheesecake too! Strawberry compote and raspberries for on top. So yummm!


We did a shop this weekend, we I suppose a couple of shops. The first was at Aldi, it was more of the family shop, we got what we needed for the week based on our meal plan, got little man another sippy cup (that makes four different types now!) and a few books for him. Then we went to Asda. I got some maternity and breast pads for my friend’s postpartum kit. As well as an Easter egg for her as Asda already has them on sale, her baby is due a couple of weeks before Easter and quite frankly who doesn’t love an Easter egg? We also got some little things the big man can take to work for his breaks as well as Easter eggs for us (that we munched as soon as we got home), Cherry Lambrini (because why not? I LOVE cherries) and some toastie pockets. They had tasters and we loved them. We made bacon and cheese toastie pockets for breakfast this morning. It was yummy! I didn’t get a picture of our Aldi shop but I did of our Asda one, it does seem a little bit more of a student food shop (except for the pads).


So I kind of pigged out this week, had cheesecake leftover for a few days and just having that pizza night and then snacks the night after and obviously the two takeaways we had this week. I also didn’t have time (well seeing as I refused to get up earlier I ended up not having time) to do any workouts today so I feel a bit blergh but I haven’t had an off day yet and today would have been day 15. I slept on my belly last night and I moved slightly and I had such a sharp pain in my lower back that I think it would have been a bad idea to do any workouts today anyway (trying to justify not getting into workout gear and doing it now). My partner did say my butt is looking a lot smoother though so that’s pretty cool! Seems despite how bad I’ve eaten this week, the workout was doing something! But I have apples and carrots to snack on and cheesy scrambled eggs and spaghetti hoops for my lunches. As well as a new book to read as I get my little man to sleep!


Have a good week guys!


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