Sleep Regression?

I keep hearing about this 4/5 month sleep regression. And I really believe it’s a thing. Little man wasn’t the easiest to get to sleep but once he was asleep he would stay asleep and in his crib.

Now he wake up two hours after we put him down (when we manage to put him down) and he ends up spending the rest of the night in our bed because he is up every two hours. He constantly wants to feed from me. I think he got into this habit after he was ill, he would cough a lot and need a feed to soothe his throat. He lost a lot of weight (well we think he did) and he dropped three percentiles in the process. He has now gained a pound and gone up a percentile so I’m going with it. But boy is it hard to stay awake during the day!

A win for us now is getting him to sleep in his crib even for the start of the night. A bonus win is when we get him to sleep in his crib without cuddling him to sleep for half an hour before hand. This has happened a couple of times but it depends on his mood. We have tried letting him cry it out but it’s not working for us. I have looked into the pick up put down method and I want to give that a try.

When I got him to fall asleep in his crib I caught him in that sweet mood where he was sleepy but not over tired. I swaddled him, put his mobile on, set up the camping chair and read my book as he chilled himself out.

There is no real point to this, it is more of a vent on how hard it is really and to let others know they aren’t alone with the sleep problems! It’s also nice to share the mini wins we get when we get them.

I’m hoping it passes soon. I would love to not get kicked all night by a tiny human.


How big are his pjs??? 3-6 months and he’s five months…



Also eating well has not been easy since the weekend…


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