Me Time?

We all have many sides of us. Partner, daughter, sister, friend, mum and just yourself. When you’re a mum it’s hard to remember you have to have time to be yourself. Even 20 minutes to do a DVD isn’t that easy. No matter which of your different personas you are being mum will always be the top. Whatever you are doing, whoever you are with, wherever you are, if your child needs you then you just drop everything and get to them as quick as you humanly can. I doubt it is something that changes as they get older. It’s part of the job description for life.

But every now and then you know you can fit in a bit of you time.

For me today it was half an hour in the bath. I tried to have me time to workout this morning but it wasn’t really ‘me’ time as I kept having to stop for the baby or the dog or even my mum who kept knocking on the door asking things or wanting to show me something. Walking the dog doesn’t even count as ‘me’ time. Sure the dog is just walking next to me on his leash, I can think and day dream a bit, little man is asleep in the pram. But as soon as buddy sees another dog, or a cat or well anything that moves, living thing or not, he gets all excited and starts barking and launching towards his target. Then it takes him ten minutes to actually calm down, stop pulling and start walking well again. So today my time was in the bath. My partner got home, took the dog and the little man and chilled out while I had a half hour soak. I washed my hair, shaved my legs and basically just did the usual bath admin, then I started on my book. The Fantastic Beasts by J.K. Rowling. I’ve been wanting to watch the film but never managed, so I’m going to read it then try and watch it. It is the screenplay as well so it will be interesting to compare it to the film. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to find some time where I don’t  have another life attached to me and it was nice to get away from technology, lay back and relax and let my imagination take hold with the help of Ms Rowling.

Really I was lucky to have that much time. Some days I get no time at all. However that’s not healthy. We all need time to relax and unwind otherwise stress and other emotions bubble up inside us until they explode.

So to all the mums (or stay at home dads) hand all responsibility over to your other half, grab a cold drink (alcoholic or not, I won’t judge), a snack and something good to read or watch or even listen to, get into the bath or lock yourself away in a different room and then switch off for a while. Let yourself recharge.

As for me big man is in the bath now and my little man is crying so I better go!

That cheesecake I made yesterday was delicious by the way, there is hardly any left! (Recipe here).

And we had baked camembert again last night. So yum. And a yummy dinner tonight! Sorry the pics may seem a bit ‘foggy’, didn’t realise the camera needed a wipe!


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