Weekends Are For Relaxing, Really?

Well well well! It’s not normal for me to cook, let alone this much! This weekend I have made four pizzas and a cheese cake. My other half made a yummy omelette today, it was basically a pizza but with omelette instead of dough for the base. Just Oh-My-God yum!

So yesterday we went to his cousin’s house again, I made pizzas (basic recipe here). I spent most of the afternoon making the pizzas. We got creative. The man even made a fajita dipping sauce!

Our pizzas:

  • Chorizo and red onion
  • Chorizo, red onion, peppers and cheese stuffed crust
  • Chorizo, fajita chicken, peppers, red onion, mild chilli peppers and hotdog stuffed crust
  • Chorizo, fajita chicken, peppers, red onion and super hot chilli peppers

My favourite was the second one. The last one was so hot I ended up with the hiccups and my mouth felt so burnt for ages! Anything I drunk ended up evaporating straight away!

I got myself three ciders and a bottle of alcohol free wine (it’s actually nice!) and I ended up having a drink made by their son (he is a 15 year old that is a whizz with cocktails!).



Today we went to the shops with the intention of getting a high chair and something for dinner. I then had hankering to make cheesecake so we got all the ingredients and after we walked the dog I got to work!

Quick recipe:

  1. Crush 250g of digestive biscuits and mix with 100g of melted butter
  2. Place in dish and ensure the top is flat then chill in the fridge for one hour
  3. Mix 600g of cream cheese, 100g of icing sugar, some vanilla and double cream (it said 284mls but only used half, taste test as you go)
  4. Smooth on top of base, leave to set


250g of chocolate in a bowl with double cream, placed over hot water, stir until mixed. I halved this to have one milk chocolate half and one white chocolate half.

Just waiting for it to set now! It seems so thick that I may have to freeze in individual slices!

And Mr’s omelette creation…

And then what we actually went out for…

The picture of all three of us was after I realised he had weed through his nappy and onto me and obviously a glass on non alcoholic wine to unwind…


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