It’s Friday!

Gotta love Fridays! I know I’m on mat leave so really everyday is a weekend for me, but it’s really not! You still get those Monday, Friday and Sunday feelings even though you’re not at work! The fact that your partner has to get up and go to work instead of lazing around in bed with you is a big giveaway that it’s not actually a weekend. You feed off their energy. Well at least I do, maybe I’m weird? Though even working all kinds of shifts on the ward, you still get them feelings. You just feel a bit better when it’s a Friday or Saturday. And you feel a bit meh when it’s Monday morning or Sunday night.

So back to today. Lunch at the pub again! Though my friend did bring up a good point, why aren’t we going to pizza hut for their lunch time buffet thing when it’s not much more? And you can eat a hella lot more?! Like okay I’m trying to get into some sort of shape other than ‘doughy’ but still once every now and then wouldn’t hurt? I was good today though and had a ham and cheese panini with salad instead of a burger and chips. So I only ate like a third of the calories I did the other day! I didn’t manage to feet in a major dog walk today but I have done my dvd, maybe I will have to repeat it later? It burns about the same amount of calories by all accounts so why not. At least this way I can keep warm.

We are a little better off financially this month so I splurged a little. I say splurged, I brought deodorant, washable breast pads (the disposable kind are getting annoying), a bib for when little man starts teething, dummys with stash on and a pizza dish. The last three things I got in poundland as well so obviously living it rich eh? Oh and I brought my friend and I a cream egg each. Man they got tiny! Or is it just me that thinks so??? Like I swear they used to fill my palm? These look more baby sized. Still 70p each as well! But I had a hankering for them so ya know, had to be done!

…A few hours later (read that in the voice of the narrator on Spongebob Squarepants)…

The day finished with my friend coming round to play risk, she had never played before and beat me :(! Then my partner came back from visiting his friend with burger and chips from the kebab van! Safe to say I didn’t redo that dvd. My partner was like be fat with me today! (He is no where near fat but I like the sentiment).


My little man as woody! and the risk photos are in order, I started off well then my friend started taking control, I clawed back one continent then she went in for the kill! The last picture is of her taking a victory sip of coffee. She’s classy like that.


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