What I Eat In A Day?

You see all these YouTube videos about what these people eat in a day. They are always on about these healthy things. Seriously maternity pay doesn’t allow for a £5 bag of seeds that is apparently supposed to keep me full until dinner. They say it will help keep you full then you see them eat ten other meals in a day so whatevssssssss. I don’t have enough time or hands or money to be doing that.

So let’s look at a typical day for me.

Breakfast: Toast

Lunch: Cheesy scrambled eggs and spaghetti hoops

Dinner: Whatever is on the meal plan. So far this week we have had homemade shepherd’s pie, Gammon and egg and homemade chips and then toad in the hole. Tonight we are having chicken curry!

Probably not the most healthiest of things but it’s yum, filling and doesn’t hurt my already poorly wallet! And I’ve carried on losing some weight so I must be doing something right!

I also try to drink as much water as possible.

We also got little man’s walker set up. We know he can’t use it to try and walk just yet but he can still play with it. Not sure who liked it more, him or his dad!

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