How do you deal with stress?

Stress is an everyday part of life. We will all encounter it at some point during the day in some level. Whether it’s due to traffic on the way to or from work, burning food, forgetting lunch, not being able to find something, something not working etc. We will all encounter it.

So how do we deal with it?

If there is chocolate in the house or some other sweet treat, not going to lie, I will devour it! When that causes more stress (because I realise I’m not going to look great in a bikini on the beach after eating my weight in double fudge cake) I resort to exercise. It’s well known that a little exercise goes a long way in regards to combating stress and helping your mental health in general. It releases happy hormones and well it makes you feel like you’ve done something good and useful instead.

Usually I grab the dog (and now the baby) and I go out for a walk. Usually my normal hour and half walk is enough but if I’m really stressed I’ll walk to one of the lakes, go round it and walk back. It’s about six miles in total and it has a lot of hills and different terrains that make you feel as if you’ve done more of a work out and not just gone on a stroll.

As of the past few days I’ve also been doing the 30 day shred. I encountered some stress (you aren’t supposed to live with your parents for more than 18 years I swear) and so I plopped the dvd on and got my sweat on! I’m still feeling a bit stressed but now I’m just waiting for my phone to charge before I head off on a dog walk. I have some eggs to hatch on pokemon go (yeah yeah I know but it’s fun and it was what motivated me to walk for as long as I could while I was pregnant and you are NOT too old for it!) so I need my phone charged!

A long bubble bath also helps. But that can be short lived because someone will no doubt be knocking on the door asking something of you or wanting in the bathroom or you’ll hear a baby crying for some attention.

A new way I have found to combat stress is to play with sir poops-a-lot. He’s so smiley and happy it’s hard not to be happy back!

Anyway he needs a feed so I better grab him before he gets stressed.

Let me know how you deal with stress! And if it’s by treating yourself to something yummy let me know what because I might give that a try!

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He found his feet and his crib! And omg those cowboy boots!


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