Weekend Fun

This weekend has been fun!

Started off by starting the 30 day shred. It’s tough but this isn’t the first time I’ve tried it and I feel like I’m doing better than when I started it last time.

Took buddy on walks, about an hour and a half each time.

Finished season 5 of lost.

Met up with some friends

And best of all, there was this photo circulating on Facebook about a V-Tech First Walker being told in Tescos for £7.50. Down from £33. My mum tried to find it and couldn’t. Then I get a text from my friend saying she fought some people for the last one in a Tesco she went to! Now that is friendship.

A couple of friends from school, one of whom has been in Holland for the past few years, came to meet our little man for the first time. She made a massive cake for us as well! And my mum brought us Madagascan vanilla and chocolate cheesecake. Lots of cake. Good thing I started my shred along with long walks eh? Don’t feel so bad eating so much now!

We have a pizza night again at my partner’s cousin’s house next weekend. So I’ll be making like 6 pizzas later this week… Oh god.

Also last update! We started Sir Poos-a-lot on baby porridge today. He didn’t seem too impressed by the taste or the texture but he took a good few spoon fulls.

And we had some baked camembert and rolls 😉 YUMMMM

Buddy got scared of the massive frog on our walk…

Saw this and thought it might be a cool thing to have for little man to sit in?


We went to pick little man up from his nanny’s house and we found the cat like this…


And finally… yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum


One super last thing… We got little man inn his crib last night! Until 6am he slept in his crib! His daddy swaddled him up good! I woke up feeling great after a lovely peaceful sleep, it’s amazing how great you feel when you haven’t been awoken by a jiggly wriggly baby every half hour.


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