Next Size Up!

It’s that time again! Now, little man was in newborn clothes until about three months. He turns five months on Saturday and he is finally at that point where I feel he needs to move onto 3-6 month clothing. We kept his vest though, as he still has a lot of room left in them. Though he has so many I might get rid of a few…


I can barely open that draw!

We lent all his old clothes to his new baby cousin. We won’t need them again for a while, no point letting them collect dust when someone else could be wearing them! Plus they are so cute it seemed a shame to just keep them in a bag for who knows how long.

At least he has a few trousers for this next size! And it’s all a lot less ‘baby’ looking. As if he needed anything else to make him look more like a toddler than a baby!

Yeah 99% of those teddies belong to him. Minnie (you can see her feet poking out) and Mickey (again you can just about see the two yellow shoes) are mine. Everything else his! What does a baby do with all these teddies! However, if it was ever possible, how cool would it be to have a massive pile of cuddly toys you could just jump in? (Think Disney store way back in the day)


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