Lunch Redo!

So you may have read that my friend cancelled on my last minute for lunch on Wednesday (if not you can read it here)

Anyway. So we went out the next day and it was an awesome day!

So I set my alarm for like 8am because I thought well if I go for a longggggg dog walk then I can have whatever I want for lunch (within reason) and not feel too bad about it. Well 8am came and went. I eventually rolled out of bed at 9:30. Sir Poops-a-lot had been in our bed since 2.30. It’s an improvement! We swaddled him but he is like Houdini and managed to get out and then woke himself up. When will he grow out of the jolting phase???

Anyway so I got up and got ourselves ready all nice and chill like, even the pup was behaving himself! Got a text from my friend to say that he had actually woken up (yay) and she was getting ready. Yesterday I made her promise that she would be out the door by 10:59 and I got a text and a photo with proof that she actually was!

We went to the local Wetherspoons for lunch. The whole time in my head I kept telling myself I would be good and have a ham and cheese toastie with a side salad because I didn’t get up for an early walk. Well fat chance. My friend asked my order and I couldn’t help but say cheese burger and chips. To be fair for the past six months all I have ordered from there is a ham and cheese panini with side salad. I really like the salad dressing they do which helps.

Little poopy Houdini had managed to stay awake up until our food came which surprised me. He usually falls asleep before I get to the town centre! He just stood on my lap and giggled as he watched people walk past the window. When food arrived I decided he needed a nap as he was starting to get a little sleepy fidgety, he would usually be asleep by this time. So I put him in his pram and gave him a toy which settled him a bit then he just got crankier so I then rocked the pram a bit until he fell asleep.

Then we walked around the shops. Went to Tiger and we saw a little checklist for holiday packing notepad that my friend treated me to (we were talking about family and friends holiday to France in the summer, celebrate little man’s birthday and christening all in one) and my friend saw some little stationary bits she wanted a well as a five year calendar. Commitment or what? Then we went to the Disney store and she saw a few more things. One of which was a cute little sticky note pad thing and she obviously had to by two because one is for decoration!

I got home then got the dog ready and as I walked out the door with him my partner got home from work. I took the dog and now I’m home writing this! Pretty good day if you ask me!

Now I’m going to look up stuff for the holiday!



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