I was up most of the night from 3am onwards because little man wanted to just feed and feed and feed. Knowing I was meeting my friend at 11am I set an alarm for 9:30.

My partner left for work just before 7am and I managed to fall back to sleep until my pup threw up at 8:30. Then I tried and tried and eventually managed to fall back to sleep until my alarm went off. My body was not working with me and was refusing to get out of bed like I asked it to. Eventually I won and I got up, got little man sorted then myself. I texted my friend and she was still on for lunch and catch up. I then asked if we are still okay for 11 and then she cancelled. Not even last minute. This was 15 minutes AFTER last minute.

Now I’m a big girl so I can deal with this heartbreak. Instead I made some toast then walked my pup.

But come on appreciate how much effort it takes to get up and get ready to meet someone when you spent most of the night awake. Especially if they have to go through the effort of getting a baby ready as well. That shiz isn’t exactly an easy task ya know?! If I wake up with a text cancelling then fine I can do my best to get back to sleep or just get on with my day. But when me and sir poops-a-lot are clean and dressed and it’s 15 minutes after we were supposed to meet? Well girl you deserve that sad face selfie of me and little man.

But yes we can move it to tomorrow.






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