We Can’t Get Him Out!

While little man was ill we were happy to co sleep with him. He woke so many times during the night that it was down right pointless to try and then soothe him to sleep and get him back in his crib, as this can take half an hour. I would have gotten no sleep at all. And being ill myself, that was not an option!

But now we are left with the difficult task of getting him into his own crib at night again! I’m not alone in this. Someone I work with has a little man just a few weeks younger than mine and he has been ill as well and therefore in her bed too. And she mentioned that she can’t get him out of their bed either!

I’ve thought about trying to get his crib next to my side of the bed but it won’t fit. We manage to get him in his crib for 1-2 hours max. Usually as I’m drifting off to sleep is when he decides to wake up. Maybe it’s time to get daddy swaddling him again, at least for a few nights until he is used to his crib again? That damn jolting his arms and legs is what wakes him up. Then he realises where he is and bamn. In our bed. After many attempts to get him to sleep in his bed mind, I don’t give up THAT easily.

Good news is though that I put him on his belly the other day to do some tummy time and he rolled right back onto his back! He was scared the first few times (yes I had to get him to do it many times so I could film it for daddy seeing as daddy wasn’t there and I was just super excited) but I kept making a big positive fuss about it and then he started smiling and laughing about it. Yay!!!!!

Any ideas on how to get him out of our bed?

Yes I had to put a sticker of a pair of glasses on his face as I was hiding his name on the pillow. It seemed cute and funny. And I can never get a picture of him with my glasses on his face because they slide off too fast!


10 thoughts on “We Can’t Get Him Out!

  1. siaankellie12 says:

    He’s not as old as my LO but anyway, she’s 16 months and I ended up on the sofa with her every night for nearly 8 weeks. It was killing me. In the end we had to let her cry it out. She cried for an hour for a couple of nights then settled back now. She cries again when her teeth hurt but I’m not going back to the sofa, so it’s a sooth, dummy and leave her again.


    • diaryofninemonths says:

      Ive thought about trying that, I would have to stay downstairs, cant bear hearing him scream like that but it might have to be done. He was in there three times 45 minutes each time then just wakes
      Might give swaddling one last try. Atleast to get him into bed


      • siaankellie12 says:

        It’s is horrible. The first night was the worst and she did get really worked up but the nights after that were easier. More crying/whinging with sleeping in between for ten mins rather than hysterical crying. Now on a good night she’s just waking once for a bottle. I just couldn’t carry on. It was killing me. Only getting maybe four hours a night which was broken sleep.


      • diaryofninemonths says:

        He will usually nap every 2-3 hours
        Not for long though unless we’ve cuddled up, we are walking or he hasnt managed a proper nap for whatever reason. He only really naps in his chair, with us or pram. If we move him he wakes straight back up. We swaddled him last night though and he slept in his crib until 2.30 which is the best in a while! He managed to escape which woke him up

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